May 6, 2011

That Was Pretty Fun...

I didn't want to watch the evening news last night - repeated lies & betrayal from the weatherman has eradicated all of my faith & trust in the local news - so I dropped in on Owl Jones' first online radio show instead.  I have to say it was a pretty good listen, boosted by an interactive chat feature to allow listeners to interject into the "conversation."

I'm not usually one for online radio & podcasts, but I'm kinda interested to see where this goes.  I'm thinking we're either looking at a long and glorious run...or two or three weeks before the ADD kicks in and the show is shelved in the interest of launching another project.  As with most things, only time will tell.

So....if you've got an extra half hour this weekend...check it out HERE on podcast.

Owl Jones Live on Spreaker

A fast 30 minutes of stuff.

Maybe you'll do a better job figuring out what kind of reel he was clickin' idiots listening along had no clue.


  1. It was fun and I can see some great possibilities. Mike when you get your Owlie, please post a photo.

  2. not working for me? Listened to it last week but needed my 2nd fill :(