May 23, 2011

So Who Won the Tie-Fast Combo Tool?

After my weekend away from home (and more or less blogging) the winner of the Tie-Fast Combo Tool giveaway was picked this morning thanks to the controlled randomness at
You're sitting on pins & needles right?

71 comments (entries) came in from what I can tell was 27 entrants (once I run out of fingers and toes I have a tough time counting that high).

Ok, enough stalling...the winner is......#18.

Which means the winner is Mel from Ass Backwards Angler with this comment (take notes people, obviously flattery does get you everywhere).
Way too much Mel love on this blog these days...

So congrats Mel.  You've won a Tie-Fast Combo Tool and Retractor courtesy of the folks over at Sierra Stream & Mountain.  Please email me (my address is HERE) with mailing instructions and I'll make sure it gets out to you ASAP.

Thanks again to everyone who played.  If you like these sort of giveaways (I'm impartial), let me know and I'll line a few more up.  Because remember...
...winning stuff is cool.


  1. Why to go, Mel. Congrats for the randomness...

  2. Congrats, Mel.

    And of course, we all love giveaways!


  3. Congrats Mel. How was the trip troutrageous.