May 16, 2011

More From The Weekend

No fishing on my part this weekend.  I actually haven't fished for real in a few weeks...kinda bums me out and makes writing a fishing blog tough.  Won't be fishing next weekend either, as I'll be away for work watching cars make repeated left turns...

Anyway, in lieu of a fishing post, here's some more pictures (& a video) I emptied from the phone from the weekend with Lilly at the beach.
Heading to the boardwalk
Playing the ponies

Running into the water
Mini bagels & Cocoa Krispies - Breakfast of Champions
Plumber's crack

Oh, at least this guy got his fish on.  Or at least his lines wet.
Surf fishing from the beach - that's the life

And how could I forget that we saw the "End of Days" dude on the highway on the ride home.  Excellent sighting.
Don't check the blog for updates on 5/22...
...the Bible guarantees there won't be any.


  1. Glad you guys had a good trip! Surf fishing from the beach IS the life :)

    You told that guy about my blog right? Right?

    I'm with you on the whole " Writing a fishing blog without going fishing " thing. It makes it tough , but it does give us motivation to get our sorry selves out on the water more often.

  2. Great stuff.
    Cocoa crispies and bagels, a winner for sure.
    Sitting on the beach, eyeing those surf rods, and just relaxing, A OK.

  3. I have been to the Beach and the Boardwalk once many, many years ago. Thanks for jogging the memory. That, Lilly, sure looks like she had a great time.

  4. What I wouldn't give to be at the beach and be next to some good barb-q. Wing Fest with the family. Good Stuff

  5. Lilly and I could be good friends...Cocoa Krispies...mmmmmm! I'm going to try to find some fun things to do by the 20th for sure!heehee

  6. @JM
    Absolutely, I think he said he was going to look it up whenever he goes to the library...whatever that means.

  7. @Mel
    She did. Had to pull her out of the surf kicking & screaming!

  8. @Trout Magee
    I was actually craving the boardwalk fries more than the BBQ, but man if it didn't smell great!

    Only a handful of days left...better get crackin'!

  10. It's a funny thing, those end of the world predictions. They guarantee their own big heaping bucket of "fail." If it happened, that'd make Me a yeah...good luck with that, buddy. ;)

    PS - that guy fishing - he had to steal a chair from some midget? Err..."little person?" Geesh dude. Get a grown up chair. Ask and ye shall receive, ya know?

  11. @God
    And on the 7th day, God followed Troutrageous! on Facebook. Or something like that.