May 19, 2011

May Be A Bit Quiet Around Here For A Few Days

I'll be out of town on business the rest of this week in search of the largest HD video screen in the world.  As referenced in a prior post, my work tends to lead me to these modern marvels of technology quite frequently.
Last November's Adventure

While I'm away there may be some mobile blog posts of extremely sub-par quality, but then again maybe not.  Who knows.  I wasn't smart enough to write any posts in advance to auto-publish in my absence.  Oh well...

So in the's a reminder that there's only a few more days to enter that Tie Fast Combo Tool Giveaway I'm if you haven't entered yet, get to it.
You enter yet or what?

See you on the flip side (or at the impending Armageddon, which ever happens first).

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  1. and Favre goes back to pass...intercepted! damn you Brett Favre...damn you... said by a former Vikings Fan