May 5, 2011

It's Cinco de Mayo...You Got a Facebook Account?

Happy Cinco de Mayo.  I usually write something about Mexican trucha...or trout to you gringos on the fifth of May.  Heck, a few years back I even wrote (or rather embedded video) about fish tacos.  Mmmmm....I love fish tacos...

But today...forget about that.  It's all about snakes.  Or a certain Mexican lady with a snake.  In a movie from about 15 years ago - has it really been that long?   (Yo Jay...tell Kelly to take notes...yeah, I guess I went there)...

Okay, still with me?  If so, take a deep breath and wipe the drool off your chin.  Let's get serious for a sec.

So do you have a Facebook account?  Okay, then make like Zuckerberg and don't let Blazer Shane lose this contest.  Go HERE, "Like" Yakima Bait Company, and vote for Shane.  As of writing this, he's two votes behind the leader, and has far cooler hair.  He can win free rooster tail lures.  Let's get him a landslide victory.

29 votes won't win this contest people!

Oh, and while you're on that Facebook thing, you can always flex your "Like" button pushing finger over at Troutrageous!, fish tacos or of course...Salma Hayek.

You looked at her eyes first...right?


  1. Mike, I'll see what I can do. Kelly is actually a trained dancer, so I'm sure that would just be the logical progression of things. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I need to watch that movie again. I have vivid memories of watching Cheech's spiel about the variety his fine establishment offered.

    That was before Salma was on my radar and I had no idea that was her.

  3. I am now home from work and "that's what I call a f**king show!"

  4. You're not showing your age, Mike. The movie was on TV a couple of days ago. Got to admit, she's got the moves.


  5. Thanks Mr TroutRageous! Gonna have to give you a shout out on my blog! :D

  6. I'm not always looking at your... I HAVE NECK PROBLEMS OK?! It all started when I got that wooly bugger caught in the back of my neck. Damn wooly bugger made me do it honey I swear!

  7. @Jay
    Act on the suggestion, thank me later.

  8. @Clif
    The movie is definitely worth another watch...especially if you're into zombie vampire destruction.

  9. @Shoreman
    Calling them "the moves" is very PC of you Shoreman.

  10. @Funcfish
    Blame it on the bugger...sure...that'll work...