May 31, 2011

If Your Obnoxious Uncle Had Fins...

...he'd be in the header of this blog right now asking you to pull his adipose.

You might have noticed the new addition to Troutrageous!. How could you miss it, right? Anyway, that ballsy brownie is bringing what I hope to be a new level of user interaction to ye olde blog. But we can't do it without your help!

First off, he needs a name. Think you could help me out with that?  So here's a bit of a contest opportunity...suggest a name for trout TBD in the comments section of this post (or heck, if you'r so inclined on Facebook) between now and this Saturday, June 4th. The wife & I & maybe Lilly (so unicorn & puppy names will go a long way) will narrow the choices and there will be a little voting thingy up on the blog next week for you all to vote for your favorite of the finalists.  BTW, "Rodney" is off the table.

Besides gaining immorality for your creativity, the person who submitted the winning name will win something...but it's a surprise...mainly because I don't know what it is yet.

In addition to the little contest, feel free to contact me HERE anytime and send in phrases you'd like to see the trout say. They can be humorous, inappropriate, serious, an advertisement, I don't care. Want to wish your dog a happy birthday...I might even do that. Think of it as the fishing version of the JumboTron. Plus, your phrase will be attributed appropriately (if you want it to be) with your username & website (if you've got one) in that empty space beneath the comment bubble.

So get to it. I know you guys are funny looking. Remember trout names in the comments section below, but email your phrases HERE.


  1. Welllll,talking to Mr. Trout....he likes wonder glow or spurky...both proud trout names...!!!

  2. i don't even know why you are having a shall be called "MACHO MAN"!

  3. I say we call him Bobby Brown innocent til proven guilty

  4. I'm partial to "Lil Sanders"...but since I don't think that name will gain much popularity, I propose the name to be..."Pouncy"

    ...I'm counting on Lilly's vote :-)

  5. Ummmmmm, I gonna go old school GNR and go with "Mr. Brownstone" it's been knockin, it won't leave me alone.

  6. I too am going to appeal to a strong Lilly centric voting base:

    "Fartsy the Fish"

    Or the more high brow:

    "Tootsy the Trout"

  7. Mrs. Owl votes for "Mr. Fishy Lips."

    I'd like to put in for " Pretty Princess Brownie Bear."

    ( C'mon me out here. )

  8. You could always go with Dunkan (pronounced Duncan). There are so many water puns with that one that just don't work, but you want them to so bad. Otherwise, I propose Rodknee.

  9. Starship Poppyseed
    General MidgeSlurper
    Sweet Georgia Brown(trout)
    Mrs. Puckerlips
    Glitterpony SweetCream

  10. Finnious is the only way to go.

  11. You put a little pony named "Butterscotch" together with my favorite treat... the "Brownie" (Lilly, you with me?) and you get..."Butterscotch Brownie" mmmm...I think that I will go make some right now! A name fit for a magnificent brown trout...

  12. "RD the Copycat."
    "Richard, the funky trout."
    "Master p"
    "Saturday night at the skating rink."
    "Lester the Devious Salmonoid."

  13. From the Tao of Steve:
    "Steve is the prototypical cool American male. Y'know, I'm talking about Steve McGarrett, alright? Steve Austin, Steve McQueen. Y'know, he's the guy on his horse, the guy alone. He has his own code of honor, his own code of ethics, his own rules of living, man. He never, ever tries to impress the women but he always gets the girl."

    Your trout is Steve. Do not fight the Steveness.

  14. Tremendous Terrence the Terrific Trout.

  15. Finnious, Tootsy the Trout, and... well those are my picks, props to Howard and Clif