Catching Up On Some Tenkara

That's today...when I finally get out fishing again after a long hiatus.

But last night, I was going through my favorite blogs and decided to stop by a Japanese blog I hadn't visited in a little while.  It's a tenkara blog, which Google Translate calls "Gorky Tenkara Fisher," and I really enjoy following along on Gorky's outings.
Image Courtesy of Gorky

Sure the computer generated translation can be a little awkward at times, but after a few minutes, you get a good feel for what is going on (the pictures help immensely as well) and are immediately transported to the other side of the world.
Image Courtesy of Gorky

When tenkara was first introduced into the States a year or so ago, there were allusions made to fishing ninjas with mystical powers.  Made for a nice story, but this blog debunks that myth.  Japanese tenkara anglers are just like you and I, they just chase Amago instead of Browns.
Image Courtesy of Gorky


  1. Great pics... only one thing left to say... Tenkarrrrra!

  2. Of course they're magical. Why else did I pay extra for the unicorn horn handle?

  3. Im now following Gorky, great looking blog!

  4. Very cool pics , I dig that mountain scene! Some beautiful streams and fish on Gorky's blog , now I've just had to add another location to my ever growing bucket list...Thanks!!...Jeff

  5. There are some beautiful trout waters in Japan.

    Mike, enjoy your time on the water.

    Are all those "r"s like Grrrrrrrr, or like a pirate Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh, or rolled like Spanish? Lots of possibilities there.

  7. @Anthony
    Shoot, you got a unicorn handle?!? Forget the trout, let's get us some mermaids!

  8. @blake & HighPlainsFlyFisher
    Glad you enjoyed his blog, it's really quite nice

  9. @Brk Trt
    You ain't kidding.
    Only the best to you as well.

  10. Mermaids? lol "I landed Ariel on a size 1/0 Sebastian."

  11. I’m very glad to get your comment. Thank you for introducing my blog on your blog. I want to send you my comment about tenkara in English, but my English is not so good. If you have a time, check my blog please. See you.


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