May 17, 2011

Baby Duck Bastards Fishing

I can't claim this 10 minute video as my own. I wish I could, as it has a lot of things going for it - a CCR soundtrack, a particle board dormitory, urination advice, and an affection for sparkling wine, just to name a few.

This particular video is Season 2, Episode 1. Which also means we all have a whole prior season to catch up on.

Have I mentioned I haven't gone fishing in a while...?


  1. I think these guys had a few before they ever set foot in that boat! ( And even I know that's a walleye.) ;)

  2. I guess we get our fishing fix where we can. Goodness gracious, get yourself on the water soon!


  3. I'm glad I watched to the end...I would have missed the "stickeral" If anyone wanted a crash course on growing up in northern just got it.

  4. ya know...your always more than welcome up here in dutchy country to feeeeesh!

  5. Glad you liked the show!

    Well you're in luck! The Baby Duck Bastards Fishing show has continued well into its 4 season!

    Check it out:

    Take care folks!