Worth $40? We'll See...

I've struggled for quite some time to take good video of my fishing.  I usually fish solo, so a cameraman other than myself really isn't an option.  I've tried juggling a camera and a rod with horrible results (usually a lost fish).  I've got one of those Gorillapod tripods, which I like, but really doesn't get the action up close.   

Heck, I've even tried making a hat camera system, but no matter how much you wear it, it just feels odd having a camera mounted to the brim of your ball cap.  That's basically the reason why all of my fishing footage recently has consisted exclusively of release shots like this:

Now before I go out and dump big money on one of those GoPro HD cameras and chest harnesses, I think I might blow $40 on a pair of unbranded spy camera sunglasses.  I mean I love my Kodak Playsport for pretty much any other video scenario (like snorkeling off the Keys), it's just difficult to use when you've got one hand on the rod and the other trying to land the fish.

You can find a bunch of these sunglasses on eBay or by doing a simple internet search.  They claim to shoot 720p HD video, come with polarized lenses, and are expandable via MicroSD cards.  What more could an angler need?  Well, besides a rod of course.

Some companies are selling what seems to be the identical item (with poorer image specifications) under hunting branding for quite a bit more moolah Interesting...

I figure they're either going to work, or be deemed crap and quickly handed down to Lilly, but heck, why not give it a try?  Odds are on the latter of those two scenarios, but even then they'll cost less than a tank of gas does these days.


  1. Another use for your spy glass camera:

    You, "Hey nice fish you caught earlier, what were you using?"

    Stingy Angler as he hides his secret fly, "Elk hair caddis from Sportsman's."

    You as you capture film of secret fly with your new HD camera, "Sweet, thanks, see you later!"

  2. I was interested in those too but seeing as how I already wear glasses they're not really an option. Looking forward to see how they work out for you.

  3. I don't know, man... I'd be careful with the unbranded stuff. At $40 a pop, it's worth a try though. You might be surprised, you never know.

  4. I think the release shots are great and don't worry, I just started filming stuff and I'm still using a cell phone cmaera.

    Whitetail Woods™

  5. Think you can mount the Playsport to your glasses?

  6. I always set out with my camera in tow, hoping to video some action. But in the long run in ends up staying around my neck and I only end up snapping shots. Let me know how they work, you never know...

  7. My friend works for Joby, the maker of those flexible tripods. Great company, he is always spinning around the globe...

    I have not seen anyone with a GorillaPod though.

  8. they should probably play mp3s too.

  9. @Travis
    There are so many uses for this sucker if it works...but I do like your suggestion.

  10. @William @ AnglerWise
    That's what I'm thinking, worth a try, you never know, right?

  11. @Rick Kratzke
    Thanks Rick, I appreciate the compliment.

  12. @Clif
    Is that a challenge? MacGuyver is on the job...

  13. @adam
    It's a nice item, small enough to keep in my tenkara pack.

  14. @Ivan
    There are ones that play MP3s. Not sure if the one I ordered do...if not, no biggie, I'm really not one for music while fishing. On the way to fishing is another story.

  15. Having endured similar challenges, I await the results anxiously!

  16. I'm looking for a way to shoot vids...if this works for you, I'm in! Looking forward to the review...


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