April 27, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Telescoping Japanese Fly Rod Edition

So this Wednesday Nibbles is all about tenkara....aka Japanese cane pole fishing.   Why?  Lots of stuff going on in tenkara circles, so I thought I'd get it out there in one neat package.  So those of you not interested in tenkara, check out this rad website instead HERE.

The biggest news is a fancy new rod from Tenkara USA called the ITO.
No, not that Ito...am I dating myself?

What's the big deal about the ITO?  Well, first off it's the longest rod in Tenkara USA's lineup at 14 feet, 7 inches long fully extended (and we all know how the chicks dig long rods), but it's also got this wacky "zoom" function that allows it to be fished at 13 feet as well, you know...on cold days.  There's another rod made by Shimano that has the same feature, but this is first rod readily available in the States.  The ITO is available for pre-order on the TUSA website now with inventory due in around May 10th.

I love this video.  Number one, the dude catches a trout with a stick.  Number two, he's fishing amongst other anglers who have clearly spent A LOT more money on their fly gear than he did and are not catching fish.  Number three, he has no problem mocking their lack of fish in an very douchebaggy open way as he brings his in.  And number four, did I mention he was fishing with a stick?

Another interesting (to me) tenkara development.  Two notable blogs, HERE and HERE, have noted that Kirk Deeter of the Angling Trade referenced Tenkara as a big deal HERE on Monday.  Now maybe I'm reading his quote wrong, but it sounds to me like he's saying small stream fishing is the big deal and is what is going to get a ton of pub in the next 12-18 months...not specifically tenkara.  But maybe I'm misreading the quote, you tell me...

"Tenkara and fiberglass rods"...somewhere Cam @ TFM is smiling

I guess where one goes (small stream fishing) the other will follow (tenkara), but why bother with semantics.  People are psyched about tenkara, and that's cool by me.

Okay, it wouldn't be a Wednesday Nibbles without some stupid and somewhat distasteful humor.  This isn't tenkara based, but so what.

See, there's a goose nesting in the parking lot of my office...it'll hiss at your ass if you get within ten feet.  I took a pic and posted it to Twitter HERE just so you can envision what I'm talking about.  Anyway, THIS VIDEO surfaced on YouTube last week of similar geese fighting all Mortal Kombat style...again in a parking lot.  Except this one doesn't end well.  Believe me, you need to watch to the end.  (Sorry you have to click the link because I can't embed it....damn you "Mr. Thyggs").

To close, blog love.  Since this was a tenkara-ish post, why not direct you to a blog that does the whole tenkara thing...  Well I really can't because I've either mentioned them all before or they haven't posted anything in over a month (ahem...Tenkara Blog.com), so instead I'll just send you over to a Troutrageous! fave that has nothing to do with tenkara, Functioning Fishaholics.  Why?  Matt's dog crapped on his wading boots and just like Lilly, I'm a sucker for poopie jokes.
Watch out, or I'll drop a deuce on your computer chair too!

Yeah, weak Nibbles this week, I know...sorry about that. I'd like to think next week's installment will be better, but we both know it won't.


  1. poop/poo/feces/dump/dookie/load/$hit/butt slug humor is the best kind of humor.

    also, with regards to the stick fishing video, i want to call fake. I am unsure if I actually can though. i need a different angle of the action.

  2. I keep saying I am going to get on the Tenkara bandwagon - haven't done it yet. Always late to the party.

    The geese here are everywhere. There are several nesting couples on my way to school, but they don't hiss, they'll just sit right in your way and make you go around them. Silly geese.

  3. I once witnessed a goose fight at the lake and it was freaking awesome. They would latch onto each other in the air and then plummet down to the water in a squirming feathery ball. I guess that's not as bad as getting hit by a car though.

  4. RE: waving a stick- that's Andy Kim, (in)famous guide on the Juan, showing off to his sports. Innovative tier, excellent guide, not sooo very good in the public relations department. You will often find him and his sports haunting the Kiddie Pool, up from the Texas Hole parkinglot.

    Have not (yet) encountered him on the Juan literally waving his stick, antics like that earn him a wide berth. He's crazy like a fox that way~

  5. @Ivan
    I giggled reading the first sentence of your comment. Video looks real to me, but I understand your skepticism.

  6. @Stephanie and Dustin
    I don't think the bandwagon's even moving yet...come aboard, plenty of room.

  7. @Clif
    After further YouTube exploration on the subject there's tons of geese battles available for viewing. Could become a theme for a whole new sort of website.

  8. @Royal Wulff
    You know, the name seemed familiar, not that I know the guy or have went anywhere near the San Juan, I probably came across his name online while consuming the endless fly fishing info that's available.

    That said, the matter-of-fact mocking is funny...in a twisted sort of way.

  9. I'm liking the Ito...robe and gavel not included.

    thinking about developing a goose fighting app...seems like there might be a little money to be made!

  10. The thing that bothers me about it is that the fish seems to fight very little for a fish that size. However, I will say that somewhere there is a photo of me fishing with a stick. It was taken nearly 10 years ago when I proclaimed on the local trout forum that it could be done and that you didn't need a fancy and expensive(for back then) $300 rod. I didn't catch a fish with it, but then I just wanted the picture of me fishing it. maybe this weekend I'll grab a stick and make an indisputable stick fishin video. Heck, maybe "raw stick fishing" will be the new tenkara?

    PS - not to dampen the mood, but I'm going to come out with a post shortly about what I think of tenkara now that I've fished it for a spring. Yep. It's pretty much going to be tenkara = fancy stick. Sorry tenkarausa. it is what it is.

    PS - that dog is going to be more famous that T-Rage pretty soon!

  11. @Sanders
    YES! An "Angry Geese" app is a no brainer...no who knows how to program games?

  12. @owl
    No worries Owl. Tenkara isn't for everyone, in fact with it's limitations it probably isn't for most. I write about it because I like it, but don't necessarily evangelize it or care for those that mindlessly do. Lucky you didn't give up your blog to start that tenkara blog of yours...right?

    Crappin' on boots - that dog deserves all the celebrity it gets.

  13. Stick fishing is the purist form of fishing.