April 13, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Strategically Placed Feathers Edition

After two weeks of erratic scheduling, the Nibbles are back home, to Wednesday...where, uhh...the magic happens?

I'm going to start this week's edition with a list...because people love lists, right?  Well, it's not my list, but FlyTalk over at Field & Stream.com's list.  It's a list of the Top 12 Best States for Flyfishing in the U.S.A.

You just clicked on that link didn't you?  See I told you people love lists.  Anyway, if you didn't click through, somewhat surprising Michigan took home the top spot.  Montana & Colorado came in 5 & 6 respectively, California 10, and New York 12.  Kind of an interesting list considering all the factors that went into it...and I'm glad Pennsylvania didn't make it.  I mean the fly fishing here in the Keystone State sucks anyway.  As a matter of fact it's absolutely terrible.  You'd never want to come here.  Don't waste your time...
Trophy-class PA trout...

You see Cisco killed the Flip video camera yesterday?  Yeah, no more of that.  Pressure from video enabled smartphones and a conflict with core business strategies sealed its fate.  They evidently don't feel that enabling people to make such video gems as this winner below is profitable for them.  Which is a shame, because how am I going to keep up on important things like whether or not to buy Fruit Gushers?  I'll be leaving the box of Fruit Roll-Ups on the shelf during my next visit to the supermarket.

By now you've probably heard or read about the feather shortage...namely grizzly hackle...in fly tying circles.  It's gotten quite a bit of coverage in the blogosphere lately, like HERE or HERE.  Evidently women (& pets) like to weave the stuff in their hair and get their inner Pocohontas on.  Whatever, at least it's gotta look better on women than UGGS.
Gettin' my Pocohontas on...but no feathers.

Well, I can vouch that the shortage is no joke.  See, in setting up a small giveaway for next month I was trading emails with the Sales Manager from a particular company.  I noticed this company's Facebook page hadn't been updated in like 6 or 7 months and asked him why...his answer, "We have been very busy, in fact we are running a couple weeks behind in production of tools and Fly Tying Materials. Dying feathers for the fashion industry has put a lot of pressure on our system." So there. The story's true in case you were wondering...which yeah, I know you weren't.
More Gratuitous Indi...I mean Native American action

Okay, this video is SOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOoooooo fake...

...but pretty funny if you let yourself believe.  It's kinda like me when I see a snake when I'm out fishing...which is the total opposite of THIS post.

Last but not least, the blog love.  This week's goes to The Catching Chronicles by Trout MaGee.  This is a pretty darn good blog.  TMG as I'll call him, lives in/near the Wisconsin Driftless Area - which anyone who knows trout knows is primetime water.  Well TMG brings in the fish quite often, and even better, often does it with the kids.  I mean is there anything better?  Well, don't answer that...but you know what I mean.  Do yourself a favor and check out TCC by TMG today and let him know I sent you over to harass him.


  1. I'm glad the camera man had the nerves of steel to get us that amazing footage...and after seeing the fruit gushers review, I watched his diet coke review...needless to say, I just added two things to my grocery list for tonight

  2. I have seen the shortage and the cause of the shortage for myself. I ran into an attractive female here in Missoula at a fly shop and she asked me to help her decide which of the hackles looked best in her hair.

  3. I'm not sure where you came up with that picture of the lovely head dress, but thank you. Nice to know our tying material is going to good use.


  4. OMG. O.M.G.

    The Fruit Gushers kid is either a comic genius or one seriously messed up kid. :) LOL Hmmmm...kinda reminds me of ....me when I was that age. Only I was hooked on pop rocks - but not with Coke. NEVER with COKE. it'll explode and kill you.

  5. the food review kid couldn't be more right about thin mints


  6. Well if that review doesn't make you want to go buy a box of fruit gushers, I don't know what will.

    All of the 18-22 year old chicks at school are sporting the hackle in their hair. Dustin is in need of a color that everywhere is sold out of; I have to fight off the urge not to rip it out of the girl sitting next to me hair.

  7. There are no trout in Colorado...only carp and suckers...wait, no carp. Please pass the word.

  8. @Ivan
    Wow, the thin mint review is surprisingly profane...I can't agree more with him.