April 7, 2011

Thursday(?) Nibbles...Starring the Outdoor Blogging Jesters

Since Wednesday Nibbles didn't happen yesterday, figured I'd do them today.  Why not right?

Now this is usually when I write some little bit of fishing info about a piece of gear, a new website, make an announcement, or something else along those lines.  I'm going to pass this week, ditch the usual format, and go straight for the blog love.  Why?  Duh, because I'm awesome.
See, last Friday was April Fools Day...it was very fun to watch how the bloggers in my blogroll got their inner-prankster on.  This post is dedicated to them.  In case you didn't catch them all, here's a brief summary (with links, because I know you are all inherently lazy) to catch you up pronto.

Howard over at WK&TL decided he'd scare us with a security threat or something HERE.  Old people are evidently scared of computer viruses & stuff.  I was personally hoping his tee-hee would have been a pic of him fishing a rod or reel made before 1969.  Oh well...

The Functioning Fishaholics professed their love for the sensational Angry Birds gaming app HERE...actually click HERE if you want to see what the site looked like on that day; ludicrous I say.  Coincidentally, the video below is a real life re-enactment of what happens when you lose at Angry Birds.

In a crazy turn of events, a handful of bloggers faked retirement, which you can see HERE, HERE, or HERE. I was kinda scared for a minute that they did leave...without them, what least common denominators would make my blog look so damn good?  That said, a retirement home of ex-fly fishing bloggers would be an interesting place to visit.  Okay, you're right, maybe it wouldn't.

Clif at Lunker Hunt posted a very brief video HERE, which in itself wasn't a prank on you the reader, unless your name is Dan.

Abnormal Outdoors threw out some disturbing pics of the bestiality offspring of a water buffalo & Brigitte Nielsen HERE.  (Yeah I wrote bestiality, get over it...ooooh taboo...can't wait to see the influx of search traffic I get now).  The Chum kinda sorta went the same route, inventing a new fish species HERE.
No, not that kind of Frankenfish.

fishbeer went all social media on us HERE (but believe me when I say the blog looked much different that day - chicklets galore.  Heck, I even became a Facebook fan).  On a related note, sister blog Third Coast Fly took some liberties with some regional "news" stories HERE.  What's so bad about asian carp anyway?

Finally, Blazer Shane pretended like he caught some big a$$ fish HERE with some pictures that were clearly photoshopped.  The story was totally believable, but the pictur...oh, wait...you mean that post wasn't a joke?...oops.  (Seriously, Shane is catching pigs these days, if you ain't on the Shanewagon yet, time to hop on).
Yeah, I lifted this photo without his permission - go over to his blog and let him know it

I'm sure there were a few I missed because my blogroll is too damn big these days, so apologies if I missed your masterpiece.  Did you write an April Fools post...do you know of a good one?  If so, feel free to post a link in the comment section below.  Who doesn't like a good laugh every now and then?


  1. i hate april fool's day. it is a day filled with lack of trust. i don't know what is real and what isn't real.

    side note: nintendo power was one of the best magazines of my childhood. that and beckett.

  2. I have to admit that a couple of these "friends' got me here with their mind games. Had to laugh at your line about "ex-flyfishing bloggers in a retirement home". At my age, probably time to start thinking about just that!

  3. Ivan, you sound like one of those old people that Mike was talking about...and I should know because I'm one of those people to.

  4. everyone's a comedian...and by the way, that kid is way rad! I couldn't decide if he looked more like Zack Morris or Buddy from "Charles in Charge"...

  5. The cat and the bird. My cat would have nailed that bird the first time it came near him. He's caught bats on the back porch not once, but twice. At 19 1/2 lbs, he quick for a fat boy.


  6. @Cofisher howard, I don't like living life in a crazy limbo world of reality.

  7. Great post T-rage. I have kept myself from actually looking at the Angry birds game. Like i need another game to play! I was going to pull something, but I couldn't think of anything to do other than say I was retiring. I could have added to the "old fishin' folks home" ;)

  8. I knew if I stuck with it long enough, the T-Rage moniker would catch on.

  9. " because I know you are all inherently lazy"

    You're catching on!

    edit to add - Holy word verification Batman!

  10. " Well, I don't have any fish pictures to show, so here's my cat."

  11. So I guess that last comment is kinda like Owl Jones' version of a Rick Roll? Anyway, thanks for the shout about the 4/1 prank. That video is awesome by the way.

  12. T-rage is easier to type. PS. I am sending people out saying that ( It's actually "Wolfy" AKA Joe from OBN's saying, not mine. )but I'm not sending them specifically HERE. ;) LOL

  13. @Ivan
    Ahhh, Beckett. Haven't thought about that magazine in quite some time. Shame I never sold any of those cards...

  14. @Mel
    Funny Mel...I almost put your picture below that post, but with you rockin' the Greenfish gear lately, your looking like a 25 year old!

  15. @Sanders
    He's definitely got the Zack Morris clothing going. I miss jeans like that, I had several pair.

  16. @Owl
    That's okay. Your comedic efforts are appreciated elsewhere. BTW, Angry Birds is pretty fun.

  17. @Clif
    ...and it's better than "cake boy" too.

  18. @Bill
    I definitely know, because I too am lazy.

  19. @Functioning
    Dude, at least give me a link to a pic like Dub The Thorax did.

  20. @Owl
    Shoot...if you want to send them specifically here, I wouldn't mind. They should just need to include a link to a cat picture or NO POINTS!

  21. Great barkers are no biters.