April 4, 2011

The New Look of Spinning

No, not this spinning...

As far as lifestyle gear goes...there's not much out there for the average spin fisherman.  Yeah, Mepps makes a few hats & tees...but if you want to wear "I fish with spinners dammit!" with pride you'd have pretty much been out of luck.

Other forms of fishing are much more stuff-laden.  I think everyone knows all of the apparel products you can buy if you're a fly fisherman...

A saltwater fisherman...

A bass fisherman...
Yes...a joke.

Or even a crappie fisherman...
Fishoflauge - in bass, crappie, redfish, & walleye flavors

But again, not much for the lowly spinner fisherman...until now.

Thank you brain trust at UnderArmour for making something that looks somewhat cool and that I'd actually consider wearing out and about.  Will you protect this house?  I will. I will.


  1. I am a huge fan of bass beer.

  2. I'm a huge fan of the lady wearing the spandex.

  3. I'm with Cofisher. She's certainly put ME in a spin.

  4. I must be blind or something, I actually got beyond her to the "reel" subject of the post. Thank you, Michael, I am off to order one now! Thanks for doing the leg work.

  5. @Clif
    I prefer MGD...actually MGD64, which probably takes away all man points.

  6. @Mel
    Mel, if you actually bought one, I WANT PICTURES!