April 19, 2011

The Nature Conservancy - Give It A Look

A few weeks ago I was approached by a gentleman advocating The Nature Conservancy to possibly write a blog post about the organization in an effort to spread the word and get readers involved.  While I was mulling over writing such a post, I noticed Kirk at UA made a mention of the group in a post of his as well.  They were clearly making the blog "rounds"...

On the fence, I decided to at least do a little research on them because to be honest, I had never really heard about The Nature Conservancy before.  I fish, so I know many fishing-centric groups, but I'm not a "crunchy" person by any stretch. The only granola I eat has chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in it.

Anyway, after an hour or so of clicking through their website I was amazed by how far reaching the group was in terms of both geography and initiative.

Cleaning up the Gulf...yeah, they do that...

For example, their Working Woodlands effort, a program that attempts to balance private interests, industry, and conservation, yielded a huge score less than two weeks ago right in my own backyard with an agreement put in place to protect a 22,000 acre swatch of forest outside of Bethlehem, PA.  That means more trees, cleaner water, and all that good stuff...who knew?  And that only scratches the surface of what they've got going on in Pennsylvania right now.

...a lush, scenic Pennsylvania waterway.  The Nature Conservancy helps keep it that way too.

So I guess in the end I did end up writing a post for The Nature Conservancy in an odd sort of way.  Do I feel dirty about about being a pawn in their grassroots marketing efforts?  Nah, not so much.

If you're interested in learning more like I did, their website is full of information...including a program to "Adopt an Acre" in one of 4 threatened habitats of the United States (Appalachians anyone?) or several others around the world.  Take a few minutes and check 'em out, the fish porn will still be there tomorrow.

I was contacted by an individual via email in an effort to raise awareness for The Nature Conservancy. I currently hold no affiliation with The Nature Conservancy or this gentleman, however if you want to see what this "mystery man" is up to you can follow him on Twitter HERE. I received no payment or freebies for writing this post. As a matter of fact it will end up costing me money...as 2 acres of prime Appalachian forest have my name written all over them. Karma baby, karma.  


  1. I was a member of The Nature Conservancy for a long time. They manage quite a few places here on Long Island and in upstate NY, where I'm from. They really do some important work for the benefit of all and are most definitely worth a little more than a look. Their scope of work is greater than many groups that we may be familiar with (i.e. TU) but in the end each of them wind up accomplishing many of the same goals of protecting places they we treasure and need to save for our kids and their kids etc.

  2. Its always nice when any group dedicates time to make sure that nature is preserved, instead of destroyed. I know that the NC is always against drilling oil everywhere having to do with nature, yet they are still willing to help out with clean up, instead of just saying told you so. They seem really dedicated to the most important things in life, Nature!

  3. I am a NC supporter, and really have high hopes to work for them at some point.


  4. I am a NC supporter as well. Good organization.

  5. Glad to know you all hold the Nature Conservancy in such high regard. Makes me feel even better about spreading the word.