April 26, 2011

I Love Cartoons

If you follow Troutrageous! on Facebook or Twitter, you've already seen this video (yet another reason to check out the blog in those places too), however I thought it was time to bring it to the mothership.

I love cartoons.  They seem to simplify very complicated issues.  The Curtis Creek Manifesto explains fly fishing in a very easy way.  This cartoon short from Earth Justice is in the same vein, except it's about all the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for natural gas going on right now in various parts of the country.  Yes, it's got an anti-fracking spin, but honestly, so do I, so deal with it.

Troutrageous! Theater Presents:

With a recent chemical spill in Northern Pennsylvania, this video is nothing but topical...plus the characters remind me quite a bit of Dick Dastardly, star of Wacky Races, and one of the best...cartoon...villains...evar!
Get your sh*t in gear Muttley!