"I Dough No, It's Beautifo"

I haven't plagiarized posted a news story in a while.  But when I saw the video below on YouTube yesterday, I had to dig up the accompanying story.  Check out the details HERE.

If you ain't into reading all that terrible local reporting in the link, here's the deal...this lady caught a huge goldfish in a residential pond while trying to catch catfish (hence the basketball sized bobber).  Somebody who lives nearby probably let it go, it chowed on radioactive sewage (or Arthur Bryant's) for a few years, and turned into an extremely tame River Monster.

The way it's hanging from the line like a mobile, she probably snagged it rather than hooked it clean, but I ain't here to rain on anyone's parade. Foul hooks happen.  Seriously, congrats Olivia, that's a damn big goldfish...  Brownliners in Kansas City be warned.


  1. WOOO... That is one huge goldfish haha

  2. I once saw a similar fish it the wild. The water was muddy, but I could see it coming from a quarter mile away.

    Had I not been shocked into stupor, I would have had plenty of time to try and snag it.

  3. Wow. That's all I can really say about that video. I mean, I guess I could say that I swear I'd run into her before at my local bass ponds. She's the chick that's always yellin' at me " HEY, if you donn wonn that bass, I'll take it!" and then cursing me when I put it back. I'm sure that's her. I recognize the grunting.

  4. Hold up - wait a minute. I know this pond. I sure as heck would never fish it, but more power to her. KC can bbq and apparently grow big goldfish.


  5. @Owl Jones
    She's in Kansas City, but I bet she's got relatives in Georgia.

  6. @Cofisher
    Article said she put it back. Not sure if anyone could have swallowed that goldfish whole.

  7. I think we now have a new sportfish. ha!

  8. I've had nightmares about fish like that...


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