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Ooooh So Pretty....Want One?

Your fishing pictures...magically transformed...
Get yours HERE.

Also, today's the last day for the MNRiverdageous Lunkerdooress Scavenger Hunt.
Get your entries in now before time runs out. Good luck!

(Well, except to the person that's evidently very fond of setting up free email addresses under different aliases; take the day off brotha, you've got plenty of entries at this point).

The Tournament's This Weekend!!!!

Please excuse me as I use this this space to advertise my trout club's (the Stony Creek Anglers) annual signature event yet again.  I's a re-post, yuk...but it's only a few days away and it's now or never.

So...rather than posting here, today's hijinks will take place over on Facebook & Twitter. "Like" and/or "Follow" and you'll be in "the know."

14th Annual Stony Creek Trout Tournament Saturday, April 30th- 8AM to 5PM (Gate Opens at 6AM) Sunday, May 1st - 7AM to 4PM
Rain or Shine at Norristown Farm Park & Norristown State Hospital Grounds Enter Gate 5 (Stanbridge St.)  **No Camping**
BROOKS - PALOMINOS – BROWNS – RAINBOWS (Prizes Awarded for Tagged Fish)

Advanced Ticket Sales Available Adults (Over 16) - - - - - Donation $20.00 Teens (Under 16) - - - - - Donation $10.00 Children (12 & Under) - Donation $5.00
Breakfast/Lunch & Drinks Available

Handicapped Section & Childrens' Section (Special Pond for kids 6 &am…

Wednesday Nibbles - Telescoping Japanese Fly Rod Edition

So this Wednesday Nibbles is all about tenkara....aka Japanese cane pole fishing.   Why?  Lots of stuff going on in tenkara circles, so I thought I'd get it out there in one neat package.  So those of you not interested in tenkara, check out this rad website instead HERE.

The biggest news is a fancy new rod from Tenkara USA called the ITO.

What's the big deal about the ITO?  Well, first off it's the longest rod in Tenkara USA's lineup at 14 feet, 7 inches long fully extended (and we all know how the chicks dig long rods), but it's also got this wacky "zoom" function that allows it to be fished at 13 feet as well, you know...on cold days.  There's another rod made by Shimano that has the same feature, but this is first rod readily available in the States.  The ITO is available for pre-order on the TUSA website now with inventory due in around May 10th.

I love this video.  Number one, the dude catches a trout with a stick.  Number two, he's fishing …

I Love Cartoons

If you follow Troutrageous! on Facebook or Twitter, you've already seen this video (yet another reason to check out the blog in those places too), however I thought it was time to bring it to the mothership.

I love cartoons.  They seem to simplify very complicated issues.  The Curtis Creek Manifesto explains fly fishing in a very easy way.  This cartoon short from Earth Justice is in the same vein, except it's about all the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for natural gas going on right now in various parts of the country.  Yes, it's got an anti-fracking spin, but honestly, so do I, so deal with it.

Troutrageous! Theater Presents:

With a recent chemical spill in Northern Pennsylvania, this video is nothing but the characters remind me quite a bit of Dick Dastardly, star of Wacky Races, and one of the best...cartoon...villains...evar!


That's what I'm talkin' bout.

Worth $40? We'll See...

I've struggled for quite some time to take good video of my fishing.  I usually fish solo, so a cameraman other than myself really isn't an option.  I've tried juggling a camera and a rod with horrible results (usually a lost fish).  I've got one of those Gorillapod tripods, which I like, but really doesn't get the action up close.   
Heck, I've even tried making a hat camera system, but no matter how much you wear it, it just feels odd having a camera mounted to the brim of your ball cap.  That's basically the reason why all of my fishing footage recently has consisted exclusively of release shots like this:

Now before I go out and dump big money on one of those GoPro HD cameras and chest harnesses, I think I might blow $40 on a pair of unbranded spy camera sunglasses.  I mean I love my Kodak Playsport for pretty much any other video scenario (like snorkeling off the Keys), it's just difficult to use when you've got one hand on the rod and the other …

I Love My Kid

Lilly is a little artsy one.  She loves to draw, color, play with clay, stick stickers, tape, glitter glue, you name it.  So it's not uncommon to come home to all kinds of art projects, both big and small.  At one time we wanted (and tried) to keep every single one, but now it's to the point where Lilly's arts & crafts output is so prolific...well...some just get put away in the "circular file".

Tonight after Lilly was in bed, I was picking up the living room a little bit and shuffling through a pile of her scribbles and doodles from the past few days.  I came across this one.

It's a picture of Lilly, K.C., & I, shortest to tallest.  Lilly and Mommy have matching "Princess Dresses" with a picture of a crown on the chest.  And Daddy...he's got a fishing rod with line out...perhaps trying to snag the bottom of Mommy's dress.  Notice the reel up by my head.  
It never ceases to amaze me what kids pick up on and how they see the world.  Th…

"I Dough No, It's Beautifo"

I haven't plagiarized posted a news story in a while.  But when I saw the video below on YouTube yesterday, I had to dig up the accompanying story.  Check out the details HERE.

If you ain't into reading all that terrible local reporting in the link, here's the deal...this lady caught a huge goldfish in a residential pond while trying to catch catfish (hence the basketball sized bobber).  Somebody who lives nearby probably let it go, it chowed on radioactive sewage (or Arthur Bryant's) for a few years, and turned into an extremely tame River Monster.

The way it's hanging from the line like a mobile, she probably snagged it rather than hooked it clean, but I ain't here to rain on anyone's parade. Foul hooks happen.  Seriously, congrats Olivia, that's a damn big goldfish...  Brownliners in Kansas City be warned.

Unleash the Hydra! - The MNRiverdageous Lunkerdooress Scavenger Hunt

Yes, the five-headed monster is on the loose and it's protecting a $50 Cabela's gift card with its life.  Want to snatch it from its grasp?  Sure you do.  Ancient Greek mythology says the only way to defeat the Hydra (besides decapitation closely followed by a blazing firebrand) is to answer the following riddles on these 5 blogs ("following" them via the various social media outlets below doesn't hurt either):

Lunker Hunt: - Facebook
"Which species of fish did I catch and then release without submitting for the state record it deserved."

Journal of a Minnesota Angler: - Facebook - Twitter
"In which of my top adventures of 2010 did I catch my personal best largemouth bass?"

Troutrageous!:  (duh, you're already here) - Facebook - Twitter
"I hate a specific day of the week. In fact I think it's the worst day of the week. What day is it?"

The …

Wednesday Nibbles - The YouTube-Centric Edition

Time for Nibbles.

First, I shall present you with good news.  I mean it sounds good to me anyway.  Got an email yesterday from not the animal herder who built the cruise ship..or that wussy doctor from E.R...but the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.  Yeah, they announced that the last bit of federal water still closed from last year's Gulf of Mexico oil spill (I refuse to acknowledge the company involved by name) has now been reopened to fishing.

The water's been tested and all those dispersant chemicals used to clean up the mess have evidently dropped to levels well within FDA regulations.  Who knows what lies the spooky depths...but I'm not a glass half-empty guy - with Earth Day on Friday, that's good news.

I can't really take credit for this next one.  Clif sent it over to me.  You know, when you write a fishing megablog like yours truly, people like to send you content.  (How do you think the Chum gets all their filler?…

Kype Fishing Magazine: Volume 3 / Issue 1

Issue One Highlights:

The Tube Fly Revolution Fly Fish The Catskills Custom Steelhead Rod Building Curt Gowdy - Announcer & Fly Fisherman A Journey of Fly Fishing & Photography

The Nature Conservancy - Give It A Look

A few weeks ago I was approached by a gentleman advocating The Nature Conservancy to possibly write a blog post about the organization in an effort to spread the word and get readers involved.  While I was mulling over writing such a post, I noticed Kirk at UA made a mention of the group in a post of his as well.  They were clearly making the blog "rounds"...

On the fence, I decided to at least do a little research on them because to be honest, I had never really heard about The Nature Conservancy before.  I fish, so I know many fishing-centric groups, but I'm not a "crunchy" person by any stretch. The only granola I eat has chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in it.

Anyway, after an hour or so of clicking through their website I was amazed by how far reaching the group was in terms of both geography and initiative.

For example, their Working Woodlands effort, a program that attempts to balance private interests, industry, and conservation, yielded a huge sc…

It Only Takes One Fish to Turn Your Day Around

The weather in the area on Saturday night was pretty bad.  Considering what happened in the Carolinas I shouldn't complain, but we had buckets of rain dumped on us combined with very, very high winds.

Wanting to go fishing on Sunday, it was somewhat convenient to know that my window to do such wouldn't be until later in the day (K.C. & Lilly were going to be out for the afternoon), so I simply crossed my fingers that Valley wouldn't be too swollen and fast by the time I got there.

However, when I did...
Normally, I wouldn't have fished it.  I probably would have headed home, or simply taken a walk through the woods, however I forced myself to.  The visiting Sakura Seki Rei was jealous that I took his little brother Kongo out last weekend instead of him.  Can't have family unrest.
So I fished...  Quite unsuccessfully might I add for about two hours.  Not a nibble on the end of the line.  The rod however is a gem.  A bit heavier (also longer 3.6m vs. 3.0m) with per…

Walmart Brings Us Fishing Humor

No, not courtesy of "People of Walmart"...

...but via a commercial they're running right now.  I'll be honest, had to chuckle at this one...even though in real life, I'd be the one inside the tent.

Mailed In Post - Tax & Tenkara Style

I was going to write something thought provoking last night for today's post.  Then I decided to actually get those income taxes done.

I've got Turbo Tax and all that good stuff, but with my wife's business booming, and a bunch of stock option exercising last year (I've been at my company for over 10 years, had to use 'em or lose em), my taxes were a bit more complicated this year.  So my brain got fried, and I decided that we'll be getting a tax "person" next year.  I'm getting the point in life where I'm finding more and more that the price paid for convenience is most times well worth it.

So I'm going to mail in today's post with a tenkara video from the folks at Tenkara USA.  You may have already seen it on some of those other tenkara-centric blogs, but for those who haven''s 18 minutes of Japanese guys waving graphite cane poles and talking fish via subtitles.

Now let's hope the weather cooperates today.  Rain …

Acadia Sports - A Fond Farewell

If you're an avid fisherman - and if you're reading this blog, I assume you might be - you may have received some promotional mail from Acadia Sports at one time or another.  Famous for their "buy one, get one free" rod pricing, Acadia prided themselves on offering high quality fishing equipment at reasonable prices while providing top level customer service.  They were able to do this by sourcing product "factory direct" and keeping costs down by doing only minimal grassroots marketing.

I was introduced to Acadia Sports a few years ago through my involvement with the forum.  Acadia was a board sponsor, and from time to time served up product for forum contests.  Anything from rods, reels, lures, sunglasses, and equipment bags were up for grabs, and continually got rave reviews for being solid, no-frills gear from the fishermen that eventually would win (& use them).  Acadia even used several WhereIFish members (myself included) as part o…

Gear Review - Flying Fisherman Pago Polarized Sunglasses

Okay...enough procrastination...time to write up the Flying Fisherman Pago polarized sunglasses review...I mean the OBN didn't give these to me for free for nothing.  I'm not a total slacker though, as I already wrote a "First Impressions" post about a month and a half ago.  You may want to read it first HERE, before proceeding with the goodies below.  You know, for the full picture.

I've spent about 4 or 5 days on the water with my Pagos in various weather conditions - from bright and sunny to overcast & drizzling, from AM sunrise to PM dusk - so I think I've finally got a pretty good reference base to work from.  I tried to match my fishing to the lens specs.  These particular Pagos have the amber lenses, which the manufacturer claims are excellent for shallow water fishing, bright sun and overcast conditions.  Check, check, and check.

So what do I like about them?  We'll first off, they're comfortable on your head.  Sometimes when I wear sungla…

Wednesday Nibbles - Strategically Placed Feathers Edition

After two weeks of erratic scheduling, the Nibbles are back home, to Wednesday...where, uhh...the magic happens?

I'm going to start this week's edition with a list...because people love lists, right?  Well, it's not my list, but FlyTalk over at Field &'s list.  It's a list of the Top 12 Best States for Flyfishing in the U.S.A.

You just clicked on that link didn't you?  See I told you people love lists.  Anyway, if you didn't click through, somewhat surprising Michigan took home the top spot.  Montana & Colorado came in 5 & 6 respectively, California 10, and New York 12.  Kind of an interesting list considering all the factors that went into it...and I'm glad Pennsylvania didn't make it.  I mean the fly fishing here in the Keystone State sucks anyway.  As a matter of fact it's absolutely terrible.  You'd never want to come here.  Don't waste your time...

You see Cisco killed the Flip video camera yesterday?  Yeah, n…

The Next Generation of Fishing Maps

When I was at the Greater Philadelphia Sportsman's Show in February, I met Mike Gogal from Gogal Publishing at his booth.  Up until now, his company was primarily known for making print (paper) maps of regional Pennsylvania trout & bass waters.  Well all of that changed, and what he's concocted as the next generation fishing map is pretty damn cool.

This new gizmo is a little SD card that fits inside your Garmin Nuvi car GPS unit, and instantly transforms it into a fish finding machine.  What do I mean?  Say you're driving around one Saturday afternoon (& happen to have your fishing rod in the back of your truck) and get the urge to fish for trout.  With the software uploaded, your Garmin will not only tell you where the closest trout water is, but also tell you what kind of water it is (i.e. special regulations), what the seasonal limits are, and all kinds of other good info.

But no...the software isn't limited to trout.  That would be silly.  You can pretty m…

The Japanese Invade Valley Forge

Yesterday was a pretty fun day on the water. No, not because the fishing was great (it actually wasn't too bad, but more on that later), but because I was going to try out a new (to me) piece of equipment.

I've got two borrowed Japanese tenkara rods at my house this week, and yesterday I took one of them, the Sakura Betuatsurae Kongo Tenkara (Clif can translate that for you HERE), out to Valley Creek to put it through the paces.  This post isn't a review of the rod by any stretch, just a bit of context.

The trip started on a nice note, as I ran into a friend, "Flyguy" from the forums (he was pulling fish after fish out of the pool below the covered bridge).  We chatted for a bit, and then went our separate ways, bumping into each other on the creek from time to time.  He's a really good guy, one of those folks you could just talk fishing with for a long time if the opportunity presented itself.

As far as my own fishing experience, I ended up cat…