March 16, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - The March Madness Edition

No "Play-In" games here. Nibbles.  Now.

Got some extra money?  Want to buy a really expensive fishing net?  Wanna help the people of Japan?  Tenkara USA has you covered.

There's an eBay auction of a rare tenkara net (or tamo) going on now in which 100% of the money will go toward Japanese relief efforts.  The current bids are up to $430, but the auction runs for another 3 days so hopefully they will continue to escalate.  This blog pokes somewhat distasteful fun at a ton of different subjects, but the tragedy going on in Japan will not be one of them.

On a lighter, and definitely distasteful note, did you see this!?!  I caught it on the Fail Blog last week...and although it must of hurt a bit, I still think it's pretty funny...once you get past how scary this prostitu....I mean working professional is.  Good work Kaa, this might even earn you a spot on Abnormal Outdoors.  Didn't know snakes had a taste for silicone.

I received a promo copy of River of Monsters, a fiction book by George Douglas this past weekend.  Yeah, that George Douglas, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee and Publisher of Kype Magazine.

I read the first chapter or so and it's actually a pretty interesting book - considering I'm not a huge fan of fiction...or reading books for that matter.  Allusions galore to sabertooth fish or something like that.  I'll be doing a full review of it once I finish, but something you may want to check out if you're looking for an easy read.  It's the kind of book you could pretty much finish off during a long plane ride or over a leisurely weekend.

Have I mentioned it's time for March Madness yet?  Who's in your Final Four?  K.C. went to there's a big Jayhawk flag flying in front of our house.  You can probably tell where our allegiance is - Rock Chalk.

I went to Division III Widener University...and matter how far they expand the field they're never getting to the 'Big Dance.'  That would probably change for next year if they recruit this guy...oh, wait...that's how my alma mater ballz already.

Oh, and if you haven't seen that ESPN Film on the Fab Five that ran on Selection must see it.  I can't help but agree with Jalen Rose's opinion of Duke.

Finally, this week's blog love goes to a new blog to the blogroll, Dustin's Fly Box.  I've noticed that Dustin has been making the blogging rounds lately, and to be honest I'm glad he is - there's some great flies on the blog that is also written with a good sense of humor.  A recent blog milestone was 50 followers, I'm sure my readers can add a few more.
And if you don't visit his blog, his puppy will bite your face off...seriously...


  1. i like anyone who throws feces at duke. jalen rose included. maybe this will be the year that a 16 seed finally beats a 1. Go Hampton.

    I just recently found Dustin's Fly Box and his ties look fantastic. well deserved.

  2. I heard on the radio (yes, they still have that) that the snake died of silicone poisoning. Coincidentally, I'm actually in the middle of a plastics rotation and I guarantee that is not true. It is more likely it died of horror from being licked by the... working professional.

    Thanks for making my morning more enjoyable :)

  3. Three words: Rock Chalk Championship. Is it game time yet?

  4. I feel honored that you spotlighted my blog! Thank you very much and yes my pup will chew your faces off :) Unless you got ham, turkey, peanut butter or well any food to draw his attention away. Peanut butter is the best lol

  5. Clif, why doesn't this surprise me? Great post Mike. Rock Chalk! Well, I guess I need to save a little love for Northern Colorado...who?

  6. I'm married to a Rock Chalker...Had to switch my alliance from USC to Kansas when I moved out of So. Cal. to find the one and only. Ha.

  7. I dropped over to Dustin's site. He ties some great flies, but we need to get him somthing else to display them on other than a concrete block (at least it looks like a concrete block). Nice boob bite video.


  8. im working on box to take pics today, I just need some more lights and I will be set