March 23, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Helping Those In Need Edition

What's up everyone, having a good Wednesday?  I had no idea I had so many readers intensely devoted to their headwear.  Glad to know everyone is "touched" just like me.  However, Clif, I think it's time to give up.

That chemical imbalance must be why you all keep coming back, because these crappy Wednesday Nibbles certainly can't be the draw.  But since you're here already...

Wanna drop $1200 on a fly reel?  Sure why not, right?  Hardy will have you covered come April.  Yeah, this St. George Commemorative reel is a limited run of 100.  There's some sort of uber-Royal backstory with Princes, Dukes, and probably inbreeding that evidently makes this reel hot sh*t, but I really don't want to get into all that.  It's expensive, but essential equipment for every weekend warrior.  Jay, I bet this Hardy reel is the perfect match for your bargain bin fly line.
$1200 gets you this or this.

So how's everybody's bracket going?  Mine sucks.  The Big East is screwing me big time - Pitt & Syracuse can both...well, I won't say it.  Those who have hitched a ride on the Jimmer wagon are probably looking really good right now...even though this song spawned by Jimmermania is pretty lame.

But this is what you get when presumably white LDS guys with no flow try to rap.  That should be in total violation of their honor code, but at least they do toss in a token brotha.  (Warning, this video is on the long side 5+ minutes, so don't bother watching if you aren't intensely Jimmered.)

Thought I'd use this next fishy spot to drop notice that my trout club, the Stony Creek Anglers, is hosting the 25th Annual Stony Creek Cleanup this weekend on Saturday the 26th.

If you're a local reader (yeah, I know there's a few of you) and want to participate, the meetup is at the Fire Chief's Band Shell in Elmwood Park in Norristown, PA at 8AM.  Gloves & trash bags will be provided, all you need to bring is yourself, boots or waders, and proper attire as this is a "rain or shine" event.  More info can be had on the Stony Creek Anglers' website HERE.

It's a fun event and we fill a few dumpsters with litter, old tires and scrap metal each year. Who knows, maybe this year we'll remove the holy grail of a discarded toilet or mattress. You never know what you're gonna find in an urban watershed.
The SCA will also be celebrating it's 14th Anniversary in 2011!

Stupidity rules.  Especially when it involves children.  I won't say too much about this one other than stop looking at the pre-teen in the tight shorts' butt for a second (pervert) and concentrate on what's going on in the background.  Yeah, I know, I love Dance Dance Revolution too, but this is worth it.

Last but not least, time for this week's blog love (which, by the way I'm thrilled to read is going viral in places like THIS & THIS).  It goes to a blogger who received the love here once before, but I fear has truly gone off the deep end this time and needs all of our support and best wishes.

So our friend Howard...aka Cofisher...aka the Wright & McGill guy...evidently unleashed some person, object, or the way things in blogdom are going, probably his cat, on us.  I don't actually know what it is, (hopefully not one of his body parts), but he calls it "Auntie".  According to one of the voices in Howard's head, Auntie is evidently is some sort of expert on something or other and will answer all your questions if you ask nicely.  Kind of like an outdoor blog version of Miss Cleo...I think...but more likely an excuse for Howard to dress up like a woman again.
I beg you, reach out to Howard in this time of crisis and assure him
everything will be okay...and that he looks much better in the blue bikini.


  1. This post got jimmered! I'm always a fan of the nibbles.

  2. I'm a sucker for orange hair.

  3. I knew that Howard was stressing out lately...but, had no idea that it had come to this!! He has been cooped up too long this winter... I've been on the JIMMER wagon for the past couple years, (well, I am from Zutah) so let's see if they can do it without a missing player in the post. Maybe I can use that Howie pic on cardboard for my next trip...maybe not!

  4. I see a cake-rageous/cake-alicious/cake-something blog in your future. this is 2 delicious looking cakes in the past 2 or 3 weeks. Man, I am hungry.

  5. Great looking cake.
    Very creative.

  6. Hello Troutrageous!

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I love your blog! I do have to clarify something though...that is not my picture you posted but it is a good likeness of cofisher! Good job.

    p.s. I do hope you find a paying job soon...

  7. Sadly, even with all the money I saved by switching to Geico... I mean on fly line, I could only by 1/6 of that reel. $200 would probably buy a replacement spring for the "check" mechanism. Sorry the Big East busted your bracket. I think they're a bit overrated anyway. My Tigers let me down too, although the refs let them down even more... that was a big fat FOUL at the end of the 1st round game vs. Arizona. There's always next year.

  8. You got a problem with my cat??

    My neighbor was actually on one of those Food Network cake shows - the cakes this guy does are SICK!

  9. Damn, I must have been pretty drunk. I don't remember entertaining the troops!

  10. @Fishin Fool
    It's Jimmer's world right now. We just live in it.

    I was actually on the Jimmer wagon last year too...picked BYU to go far in the tourney and they crapped out. My bad for doubting Fredette this year.

  12. @Ivan
    Sounds like another blog opportunity. I'll pass along your compliments to Genuardi's.

  13. @Brk Trt
    Can't take the credit, lies with the supermarket.

  14. @Ask_Auntie
    Auntie, thanks for stopping by! You're right, I could use a paying job. How much do nights on the street corner net you?

  15. @Wolfy
    Your cat is what keeps me going.

    Your friend going to make an OBN cake for the summit...hint...hint...

  16. The Big East teams are notorious flame outs (BIg 12 teams too). I've learned not to pick too many to make it out of the first weekend.

    Auntie made my eyes bleed...