March 11, 2011


Hello Salt Lake City.  Another stop on the cross-country tour. 

Couldn't get out of Oregon soon enough.  Beautiful country, but have never woken up to tsunami evacuation warnings on the local TV news.  Holy crap.

Thoughts are with all in Japan, Hawaii, and the west coast of the U.S.


  1. I have flown into SLC a ton of times and wait till you get the winds. Ever seen a plane fly sideways while trying to land? Makes me wish the lavatory was open at the end so I could change my shorts lol..

  2. Are you fishing in Utah? What are the conditions like?


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  3. @Dustin's Fly Box
    You're not kidding. Have been to SLC several times for business over the past 6 or 7 years...the landing is always an adventure.

  4. @Jason
    I didn't stay long enough to fish. Just a little bit less than day there and have already headed home.

  5. I hope you waved at Damsel when when blew past. I know she's not home, but you know how she is.