My Sincerest Apologies For Your Deficiencies

Internet Explorer users, I'm sorry.

It's my understanding that when you enter my blog, you get an annoying pop-up that looks something like this.

I've tried to research how to make it go away, even played with HTML code a little and stuff I don't really understand, but yet it remains.

According to my site analytics, about 40% of my readers use Internet Explorer.  So to the two of you, I apologize.  That said, I'm just going to be honest, channel Joe Clark and give you some tough love.  Ditch IE already.

I use Google Chrome.  My wife uses Firefox.  We're not uber-cool hipsters, so we don't own a Mac, but I'd imagine Safari is pretty rad and makes you a better dancer too.  All are better options than no pop up like above.  I can't necessary quantify it, perhaps it's just my inner geek revolting against those unoriginal copycats Microsoft.  Who knows.

But if you must still use IE, at least give what the pop up says a try and download the Google Chrome Frame plug-in.  It won't bite, (or secretly track all of those hours you spend on porn sites), I promise.

So what browser do you use?  If you use IE, why?  (Laziness is a valid excuse).  Would love to find out in the comment section below.


  1. chrome. on an uber-cool hipster mac. firefox is a close second. safari is a distant third. internet explorer is for the birds.

  2. After having wrestled with Internet Explorer for way too long, it's cryptic error messages,I tried Firefox which I like because of all the plug-ins and add-ons, but it is still slow compared to the Google Chrome browser. But,I've been hearing good things however about the new Firefox 4.0 that just came out.

  3. I had some sort of major meltdown problems with IE over a year ago and totally switched to FF. Problem solved, though since then FF has had its share of problems. Still not as bad as IE. Listen to Mike folks- dump IE- it's old and dusty and the updates are just band-aids on a broken browser. You'll be much happier once you get through the adjustment period.

  4. I approve of this post so hard. If IE users have trouble with popups, that's IE's fault, not Google's for being awesome.

    Been using Chrome for a few years now (jumped ship from Firefox a few weeks after v2 came out), but v4 is the first thing I've seen that's made me consider trying anything else. How's your wife like it?

  5. I started having problems with IE about a year ago and switched to Firefox. Loved Firefox, but shortly after installing I started having problems with it as well. I'm now using Chrome and it's great. No problems and they are starting to catch up as far as widgets and things to make using it easier.

  6. The main reason Troutrageous! is on Chrome and The Diaper Bag Wrangler uses Firefox is so we can each stay logged in to our sites on shared computers.

  7. Being married to the IT Guru, she didn't know how to get rid of the popup either. We use IE, but have tried FF and came back to IE. Since everybody thinks Google Chrome is good, I'll have to get her opinion on it. I'll let you know.


  8. I am lazy and opposed to most changes of any kind. My solution to that pop-up is to close it when it appears. It's a lot of effort, I know, and it takes forever (sometimes even as long as fifteen seconds!) to do it, but that is the price I pay to take care of my Troutrageous! jones.

  9. I installed chrome and was using it on new laptop. IE was slow on it in 64bit, immediately found that IE was displaying more current info that I didn't see in Chrome, even with a page reload. Might have been quicker with Chrome but wasn't current. e.g. post a blog entry in Blogger on old laptop, launch on blog other computer using chrome, no update. Launch IE new computer and see it. Any idea why?

  10. Also kept me from posting prior comment until I repositioned to top, closed the Chrome popup, (and I have popups off) and scrolled back down to enter the weird stuff string. Just sayin..

  11. I see forum threads on the problem. But no fix, I get to about 50-100 sites a day (some days) and Troutrageous is just special, 1 in a 100! May not be Google issue, might be Wordpress option. The fade thing is weird and it's timing is irksome. Sometimes its quick and I close it, others, just when I'm into reading or doing a comment, it fades in and kills the buzz.

    I'm off my soapbox now. I do love all things Google, big brother may be watching!

  12. I use IE because....that was what came on the computer anddddd I don't know what the heck I am doing when it comes to "settings" and such crap-o-la. But heck I will try anything once so maybe I will try to change to Chrome. If I fail....I will Hunt.You.Down sucka! lol

  13. If you're not using Chrome, you're a square, man. :)

  14. @cliftz
    I haven't tried FF 4.0 yet. Chrome is just simple & fast.

  15. @Mark
    I approve of your comment even harder.

    The wife commented below (K.C.), I think she likes it just fine. The main reason we use two browsers is so we have our own bookmarks, saved passwords, etc...

  16. @Cofisher
    I always took you for a dial-up guy hanging on to an AOL browser. And using widgets too...I'm impressed!

  17. @Shoreman
    It's not a real pop-up, that's why blockers don't work. It's some sort of Google hack that doesn't go away on IE unless you install their plug in. I love evil genius like that.

  18. @Quill Gordon
    15 seconds is a long time. I don't know how you do it!

  19. @FishCreekSpinners
    No clue, sounds like crazy talk to me. Could be something with the cache...whatever that means...I hear the Help Desk talking about it at work. And BTW, big brother IS watching, no matter what browser you use.

  20. @LB @ BulletsandBiscuits
    Bring it on LB. Don't think it will let you down, and if it does, I'll make haste like a varmint!

  21. I ran into someone a few weeks ago still rocking an aol email account. I hope that doesn't mean he's still actually using AOL.

    Could it be adsense? or your floating chicklets? Or your fancy reply buttons?

  22. @Clif
    I thought of a couple of those things, but I don't think it's them. Most have been on my page for quite some time.

    In doing my research, I think it has to do with a string of code I inserted once upon a time (which has since been removed), yet the issue mysteriously remains.

    Honestly, I gave up and don't care anymore. 40% of my readers (actually 38%) use IE. That's a lot, but it means 60+% don't. Majority wins. It's not like I get paid to do this anyway.

    If it bothers IE folks, they can easily download the plug-in...and while they are at it, they can visit, as they take all the guesswork out of choosing the best fishing spot.

  23. I still use power bait......
    but Ill say that pop is annoying as all hell!

  24. @Bigerrfish
    I hope you use the Power Bait with the sparkles in's pretty.

  25. IE...I trust it.
    I like most things Google.
    Too bad you can't get control over your site.

  26. @Raz
    I've lost control of many things (site included) a LONG time ago!

  27. I used FF for sometime...several years...but seemed to have an issue or two with it and Blogger so I recently changed to IE8. For every advantage there is a disadvantage. I might change back to FF since I kinda liked it. As far as your pop-up goes, I just hit the X and close it.


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