March 6, 2011

Lilly's Princess Party

Lilly turned 5 on Friday.  Man, where has the time gone?

While we had a little celebration as a family on Friday night, Saturday was the "Princess Party" for all her friends from school.  The community room at the local library served as the "Royal Palace" for fairy tales, a lot of coloring, cake, and of course a piñata.

Striking a pose like Cinderella behind her

Edible flowers
10 Princesses
Politically correct piñata, no wiffle ball bat needed


  1. Nice post Michael...and your manhood is intact! Good job.

  2. What's the deal with the pinata?

  3. Oh my. What a bunch of cuties.


  4. Your right, Michael, it seems only a few posts ago when I first met a very young LillY through your blog.

    No time for boys at a party like this.

  5. First, I gotta say that you are one cool Dad. :) Second, the kid is super cute as always. Third, that cake looks awesome! Very colorful and fits the theme! Fourth, I gotta echo Clif....pinata's and princesses? This old guy is scratchin' his (thinning)head. :)

    I'm sure they all had a blast and I hope Lilly told you you're the best dad ever. :)

  6. @Cofisher
    Relieved...I was kind of enjoying wearing the tiara.

  7. @Clif
    #1 - Every party should have a pinata. Period. I don't even care what the occasion's candy falling from the sky.

    As far as the ribbons, I guess princesses don't swing sticks or baseball bats(?) so this piñata had ribbons. Only one opened the trap door at the bottom, but the kids weren't following so we had them all pull at the same time.

  8. @Shoreman
    Agreed. Haven't been around so many beautiful young ladies in quite some time.

  9. @Mel
    No boys allowed. I was allowed, but only because I was the King.

  10. @Owl
    See comment to Clif.

    Thanks for the other compliments, yeah she doesn't mind putting up with her Dad.

  11. What a super fantastic all frills party. You guys did an amazing job coordinating everything for all the princesses. Good King and Queen.

  12. How awesome is that! What a great time for Lilly and her friends!

    Happy Birthday to your little one!

  13. Looks like a good time was had by all! Those cupcakes look good.


  14. Looks like a great birthday party. Happy Birthday Lilly. Enjoy it while you can Michael. They grow way to fast.

  15. Nice post, and my wife just looked at my computer and said "I love this post a fly fisherman is sharing that fact that he was at a princes birthday!"

    Well done sir

  16. Happy Birthday to Lilly, and way to go Mom and Dad for an awesome looking party!

  17. Happy belated Lilly! And ps thanks for the tips on valley creek. I will definitely fish it again

  18. They grow up too fast. I'm due for a princess party in a couple of years once my daughter is a little older. Can I count on a troutrageous tutorial?

  19. @Bruce
    Princess parties aren't a stretch...I mean I already play with feathers and beads.

  20. @Dub The Thorax
    Glad you enjoyed Valley. Those fish have seen it all.

  21. @JM
    Absolutely. Would be happy to pass along the blueprint...or perhaps pinkprint.