Got Some Catchin' Up To Do

Haven't been a good blogger lately.  One post in about a week.  A lot of work-related traveling going on this week - so haven't been reading many blogs either (unless they are optimized for smartphones - which by the way if you haven't done yet just go into your Blogger or Wordpress options, check the box, and throw this guy a bone!)

That said, mobile blogging like this is cool in the fact that I can snap a picture and BANG!  It's in the post.  (Although probably not where I want it to appear...damn you Blogger app!)

Anyway, should be back home tonight...before making another cross-country flight on I'll check in on everyone this evening.  (Sorry, most likely no Nibbles tomorrow).

One thing is decided...after all this running around thru airports is over, this upcoming weekend will involve fishing.  And hopefully lots of it!


  1. I know what you are feeling. Been traveling around for work the last few weeks and been neglecting my blog and others.Also not been fishing at ALL.

  2. You've been putting in some hours for that real job of yours; I would say a weekend including fishing is way past due! Enjoy. -stephanie

  3. i think jack torrance typed it best "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy". Go fishing this weekend.

  4. Pictures like that make business travel sound fun.

    We know the truth. I feel for you.

  5. I hope you get out and get to reel some in! That's on our agenda for the weekend too.

    Thanks for the optimizing mobile phones tidbit. I had no idea there was such an option let alone it was defaulted to NO mobile phones.

  6. That blogger app didn't work too well for me work it's time to play this wkd!! Just do it!

  7. @The African Fly Angler
    This weekend cannot come soon enough...I wish you wet & tight) lines my friend.

  8. @Stephanie and Dustin
    Busy is not the word. How dare it interfere with my amateur job of blogging?

  9. @Ivan
    And with that advice, it shall be done.

  10. @Clif
    Business is business no matter what the "field of play" looks like. If it was easy, wouldn't get paid for it. Thanks for the words of empathy.

  11. @LB @ BulletsandBiscuits
    We'll have to compare notes on Monday. The mobile thing is huge, makes it soooo much easier to read, glad you're in!

    I actually don't mind the blogger app, I just wish it was more WYSISYG. It's so funny that you say "Just Do It" business trip on Thursday & Friday is to visit the origin of that phrase.

  13. Better get out there on the water- I finally got back out today. No love but the river's, but that's all the love I need! If you can't blog and can't fish what good is business?

  14. Thanks a bunch for bringing up that whole optimizing for mobile phone bit. I had no idea what-so-ever that was one there! (I still send smoke signals here...) Thanks again!


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