March 15, 2011

Fresh Blog Stuff

That SXSW thing is going on right now...which made for the perfect opportunity for Google/Blogger to tease us with some things to come in 2011.  Enjoy this quick video fellow Blogspotters, seems like we're in store for some changes this year.

Speaking of changes, have also been fiddling around with some canned templates over on Basstastic! (you know the crappy blog that I test stuff out on).  I sort of like elements of this new look, but not sure if I'll bring the entire thing over here to the Mother Ship.  Maybe a few things though...let me know what you think, good or bad. 

Oh, and disregard the ghetto text alignment & some of the video-gamer content.  That was pre-loaded to the template and I haven't changed it yet.  I'm far from a gamer...I've had problems with video games since controllers evolved past two buttons.


  1. I still haven't messed with all the current blogger stuff, and now more! I need to brush up on the 'puter skills.

    PS: I am a fan of your current layout. It is easy to navigate and read. The other is okay, but this template is a winner.


  2. I agree with Stephanie. My head swims when people start talking about all this new stuff. On top ot that, I'm married to a Senior IT Tech at a casino. All this makes my head hurt. Maybe I need a vacation. Wait! I am on vacation.


  3. I'm not a big fan of that Basstastic stuff. Looks kinda chintzy, like it was designed as a high school project.

    However, I do like the chicklets. I'd like them more if they were bigger.

  4. @Stephanie and Dustin
    Thanks, I like this template too. But there's a few things on the other I'd like to try to hack.

  5. @Shoreman
    If there's wasn't any new stuff, there wouldn't be any old stuff...

  6. @Clif
    I think we're on much of the same page. My primary interest is in the chicklets and to figure out some way to condense secondary posts. The layout itself isn't my favorite - I don't care for the sidebar much or the slider on the top.

  7. the new dashboard looks dope. chicklets are cool, but they straight up CRASH in IE6 when I try to view at work.

  8. @troutrageous1

    If there wasn't any old stuff, Tubeman would have to master the new stuff.

  9. stay the course. i like your current template. maybe it was the wizards and warlocks that turned me off though.

  10. I'm with the rest. I like Troutrageous! as is. But, it's your place and we'll like it because you like it.

  11. OH cool! A gamer blog! Huh? Oh...hmmpf. Dern.

    I like the current set up too. It's really cool.