March 13, 2011

Did I Steal Jobu's Rum Or Something?

I went fishing yesterday for the first time in over a month.

Here are some pics:

Some quick notes about the trip. Water levels were high, fast, and dirty from a ton of rain this week.

Tried out the Flying Fisherman Pago sunglasses for the first time. (Want to try out at least one more time before writing that full review).
The Pago survived an accidental crunch in the parking lot

Also, those flies I got from Owl Jones got their maiden voyage. I'll tell you what...OJ ties one heck of an Elk Hair Caddis (at least that's what I assume it is). It was super buoyant...I couldn't sink the thing if I tried!

Other than that, there's not a lot to write about because I'm in a little bit of a slump right now.  I haven't caught a fish since New Year's Day, a streak that unfortunately is still intact.

What did I do wrong?  It wasn't that little shot of rum I drank before the Rose Bowl, was it?

Pedro Cerrano: Is very bad to steal Jobu's rum. Is very bad.

I guess the question does one get off such a schneid? Is a Sunday Slumpbuster what I need?
I dunno.  Guess I'll give it another try and see what happens.

In any event, since I don't have any fish pictures to show, I'll do the next best thing. Here is our ca...nah, not gonna go there.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. Wellll,if you brought the trout whisperer with you,ya just might hook up with a few........

  2. The streams up here are the same, high and off color. But you took advantage of the opportunity to get out.
    I love that sign in the first photo

  3. hahahah....I'm going to go ahead and count that 1/2 a cat thing as a whole quote. You can't just go 1/2 way there and stop like that. ( That's what she...oh nevermind.) SEE? :)

    I'm surprised those things float. I actually wrapped the with lead wire before tying them because I heard you were such a good wet fly angler. Hmmm...maybe I forgot to wrap one of 'em. ;) ( No fish took one I guess...that creek obviously has a problem. OH, I see it. Of course. Radioactive fish. There's your problem right there! )

    You keep fishing those things and someday in the next five or six years you're going to find a trout stupid enough to mistake one for a bug. Or a cigarette butt. one or the other. LOL

    sorry you didn't get any fish. the year is young, man!

  4. Man I hate to be negitive but what chemicals are in that water?
    Man, that's ugly...sorry!

  5. That looks like prime water from where I'm sitting. Over here most streams are at borderline flood stage. LOL You could try to wade them I guess, but you might end up in the Gulf of Mexico or something. ;)

  6. Hey, Mike, first let me just say that the movie clip comes from one of my favorite all time movies, "Major League". Baseball at its best! Interesting water your fishing there. Does look high and off color. Better use that as an excuse for not catching fish on Owl's EHC. Might hurt the po' boys feelins'.

  7. No cat picture? I thought it was "Joe will start it, we will follow". That's why I put cat pictures out there. Oh wait, wrong movie. 'If you build it, they will come". Damn.


  8. @Brk Trt
    Yeah, my beloved Valley Creek is an interesting fishery. One of the reasons why I don't wet wade there in the summer.

  9. @Owl
    You can consider it a full cat thing...I just don't have a cat.

    Seriously, that Caddis is great. Floats at least 3x longer than the ones I had been using previously. It was the floater on a tandem rig...blame the nymph for not catching fish, not the dry.

  10. @Raz
    Valley Creek was deemed contaminated in the 1980s due to runoff by a nearby Amtrak railyard. It's actually a pretty interesting was stocked water up until that point, they've obviously stopped the stockings and the "wild" fish have taken over and flourished. Not big fish, but a lot of em!

    The DEP recently stated that the water has improved enought that it's safe enough to eat one meal of trout per month from Valley, but the Fish & Boat Commission has not relaxed the C&R regulation.

  11. @Bill
    I hear you...everything was blown out on Thursday & Friday. Saturday was the first "fishable" day, but borderline at best.

  12. @Mel
    Owl's flies are great, certainly didn't want to make that connotation. If anything, it's user error on my part.

    And you're right, Major League is a great movie.

  13. @Shoreman
    No cat pictures. With a bit of luck, my blog will stay that way for a very long time.

  14. @troutrageous1

    ...and I can't remember, did you get the EZSK8R or the traditional caddis?
    Even the trad. caddis is tied with heavy wraps of hackle. I guess that's a product of fishing them down here in our freestone, high gradient water.

  15. @Owl
    Traditional. Them things are bombproof. If you ever start tying #16s I'll be back for more, think I've got #12s.

  16. Great post Mike. Sorry about your water, looks like a nice spot to fish.

  17. Signs like that drive me up a wall... Especially knowing that would never happen near private waters.

  18. Well that sign is a bit depressing. Boo. I'm slumping too, and it is getting a bit annoying watching Dustin reel in fish, while I stand there freezing and frustrated. It is time for us to shake off those winter skunks!

  19. Never dis the cat. Bad karma.

    Might last all year - even with Owl's flies!