March 18, 2011

Derby Weekend

No, not this weekend, but next weekend there's a few trout derbies for those of you locals who need a pre-opening day fix.

The first one is the Great Swamp Fish & Game 6th Annual Pre-Season Trout Derby in Quakertown, PA.  They are stocking some really big fish, and tagged fish win a $100 prize.

The derby is over two days, Saturday, March 26th & Sunday, March 27th, running from 8AM to 4PM on both.  Additional information, including specific location & registration details can be found at

The next derby is the same weekend at Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA.  Linvilla's "Expert Trout Derby" runs from 9AM to 2PM with fish up to 25" and four $25 prizes for tagged rainbows.  The largest fish will net the winning angler a prize of $250 as well.

Linvilla Orchards is not just a fishing destination, there's stuff for the entire family to do if fishing isn't their thing, so this is definitely something to consider.  Also notable is a "Family Fun Fishing Derby" that takes place the following weekend on April 2nd.  More information can be found at
That's a biggun'


  1. Wow, that leprechaun-looking guy has got one humongous fish there.

  2. He's got small hands. Smell like cabbage.

  3. Fishing derby's are great for kids.
    Plenty of fish willing to put smiles on the kids faces.

  4. Looks like a couple of great fishing weekends for kids coming up. I still remember my first fishing derby about 30 years ago.

  5. @Cofisher
    Yes he does. Think he caught it on blue diamonds or orange stars.

  6. @Stephen M. Robinson
    Funny, I've never actually competed in one as a kid (or adult). I think Lilly might enjoy it.