February 23, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - No Theme Randomness Edition

Hey - it's Wednesday Nibbles time again.  Oh how I missed writing these posts over the last few weeks.  I know they only really appeal to the mentally ill, but they're still fun to write.

Speaking of fun to write, the local newspaper's website picked up yesterday's attempt at a post and made it a "SPOTLIGHT" article on their homepage.  I thought that was kinda funny.  I write a post a day for quite some time and never get that kind of exposure on the Merc, but on the day I write about getting kicked in the nuts and run a video of top-heavy fisherbabes, voila!

Either the online editor lost a bet or it was a slow news day, either way I was honored to share my fifteen minutes of digital fame with the "Duct-Taped Baby's" Mom.
Spotlight - Idiot rants about Tuesday - no mention of ball kicking

Have you seen this video?  I'm actually only posting it for Owl since he has a creepy thing for LOL cats and has been spending all his time cranking out the latest incarnation of his site.  This video has been making the rounds this week on TV and stuff - so I present "Cat Bowling."

If it was me, I'd shoot that laser pointer toward a trash can, or a freeway, or the mom who evidently duct tapes babies.  I'm not a big fan of cats...sorry.

I haven't called out Acadia Sports Rods in a while.  Once upon a time I was a product tester for Acadia (through the WhereIFish.com forum) as they were developing their M-Series of rods.  Well, fast forward a few years and those rods are in production and available for sale.

If you're not familiar with this company, they make a solid rod at two different pricepoints - F-Series at $65 and M-Series at $100.  But that price isn't for one rod, it's for 2.  They sell their rods as a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" program, and you can mix and match within series however you want.  Need a new spinning or baitcast rod and on a budget, check out Acadia.  Good bang for the buck - and even better customer service.
That's one nice lookin' reel seat

Carmelo Anthony got traded to the Knicks this week.  Hope he likes Manhattan.  I prefer Brooklyn (Decker).
The only reason to see that crappy Adam Sandler movie

Finally, time for the blog love.  This week's blog love goes to the "Noise on the Line" blog, aka the blog written by John over at Fish Creek Spinners.  Here's the deal, and I'll give you the straight skinny - John is looking for Google Followers.  He's trying to give away $50 worth of FREE SPINNERS by the end of the month, and is using the Followers widget as the "entry form."
Tape measure not included

Even without the giveaway, he writes some pretty insightful posts on how to fish spinners, lots of video of spinners in action, as well as some pretty detailed posts on product development.  Wanna know how to powder coat your own lure components...check this out.  Oh, and let me repeat myself - FREE SPINNERS...what are you waiting for?


  1. OK 1. I don't like cats unless they are ticked off or look depressed. THEN, they are funny. :)
    2. That your article from Tues. got the attention is hilarious!
    3. Someone pinned back that chicks upper arms with safety pins or there's some serious photoshopping going on. Or she needs to eat some taters. yuck.
    4. Your basketball speak does not interest me, the mentally ill ( hey, you said so! ) - when does football season start again? Oh yeah. uggh.

  2. Morning Mike. First, I did a comment on yesterdays post, but it must have ended up in technoland somewhere. You made my Tuesday with the video. Today, you made my Wednesday with the picture and the cat video. Sorry you're not a cat fan, I have two and they both go nuts over the laser light. Gives me some exercise too.


  3. that picture of Brooklyn Decker makes me almost as happy as this picture of spring training. (warning: this picture is NSFW if you are a Mets fan)


  4. I saw the spinners show up in the Google Reader and had to do a double take. Thanks for the Bump, already resulted in a few new mugshots.

  5. @Shoreman
    Sorry, cats aren't my bag. Too temperamental. I've got my wife for that...

  6. I didn't know I was in the company of a celebrity...have you met Lynsey Lohan? The video is great. I like tying a dog biscuit to their tail and then calling the dog. Boy is that funny! Ms Decker is hot, hot, hot. Owl said all he saw when he looked at her was a plate of grits...I don't know what that means?