February 2, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Monkeys Run Amok Edition

This winter has been brutal.  Seems like every 3 or 4 days we get hit with snow, and lucky for me the ice storms are evidently coming this week.  Now it's not enough snow to cripple the region (despite what the weathermen say), but enough to make all the shoveling a pain, create stupid slow traffic jams, and make fishing opportunities few and far between.  At least some humor can be found in the local weather big board....
He's in the wrong profession.

On that note, time for the nibbles...

Got this email from Bass Pro yesterday.  Looks like they did an off-price buy on some of last year's Pflueger Supreme XT spinning reels.  Originally $129.99, now $69.88.  Gotta make room for the 2011s I guess.  I've never used this reel so I can't say if it's good or bad (it did get a 4.4/5.0 customer rating), but seems like a good deal, at least from a savings standpoint.
Hot Buy?  Sure, why not.

Now I treated you all to a stupid video yesterday, but here's an equally stupid video that I assume will entertain and amaze and all that good stuff...it's far from new (it has over 4 and a half million views since last fall) but tell me you won't be humming this tune after watching this.

Midcurrent's Ask The Expert section posed the question "Imitation or Presenation" in last week's newsletter.  Lots of good responses/opinions from very reputable sources.  It's a very good read if you have 10 or so minutes.  I'm not typically serious in the nibbles, but I enjoyed this so much I figured I'd pass it on.  For real. There's no imitation in this presentation.
Not a MidCurrent subscriber?  Change that now.

Is there a football game or something this weekend?  Oh, yeah, that's right, I guess there is.  So who are you rooting for, Packers, Steelers, or the commercials?  I really don't care who wins the game, but I've got my fingers crossed that standbys like Coke, Pepsi, Miller Lite, & Budweiser bring their A-Game.  Everything old is new again, so I think it might be time to bring Spuds MacKenzie out of mothballs...I mean the "Big Game" is in Dallas this year after all.

Finally, I got the blessing of the better half to go "have fun" at this summer's (date TBA) OBN Rendezvous in Colorado.  K.C. has no interest in going, so I guess I'm rollin' solo.

Speaking of the OBN, I'm going to use their weekly writing prompt as a way to share the blog love this week.  I believe the question was "Which Outdoor Bloggers Would You Like To Meet?"
Pleased to meet you

Now I read & actively participate in a lot of great blogs, but I suppose this is my short list (there's so many so this was pretty tough).  Mel from Blog Cabin Angler, Shoreman from Northern California Trout, Clif from Lunker Hunt, Ben from Ben G. Outdoors, and maybe that guy from Georgia.

Honestly, I was originally going to make that a list of all female bloggers (such as Kari, RD, Lizzy, Stephanie, & Tami)...but I don't want my travel ticket to be revoked.


  1. Oh no, it is the dreaded Bolaris Snowmaggeddon Dong. I should call my parents, they might be living under the shadow of John's massive meteorolo-schlong. I always thought Hurricane Schwartz would be exposed.

    Oh yeah, and that midcurrent article is a great read.

  2. The "guy from Georgia" is touched. I know it's just because I'm always up for the first shot at a comment on Wed. Nibbles, but still. Nice gesture. Maybe next year I'll include you on my short list. Or maybe I'll just spend my time knitting. You just never know. Now that you're going to the thing, I'm going to have to reconsider. geesh. they'll just let ANYONE in I guess. pfft.

  3. I'm counting on our friend Phil from Punxutawney. to do the right thing.

    Spring after the Super Bowl

  4. Morning Mike. I'm honored to be in the company of Mel, Clif, Ben, and that guy from Georgia. Spuds MacKenzie, the original party animal. Still gets referred to around here, even though they don't show his commercials any more. Thanks again for the plug.


  5. That weather map pic is AWESOME!!! LOL!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Brk Trt, word out of PA is the little fella did NOT see his shadow so we should be in GOOD shape :-)

  6. I'm here to attest to the fact that yes, all Texans wear cowboy hats, boots, and drive caddies or lincolns with longhorns on the grill. Oh yes, and all Texas women wear big hair and short skirts - with boots of course...

    I'm staying far, far away from all "The Big Game" hooplah this weekend... After all, there's a bunch of cheeseheads in town... (I'll wear mine safely at home...)

  7. Thanks for the monkey tune, it's now stuck in my head! For a tune that could get stuck in one's head, its right up there with the Barney song and anything from Yo Gabba Gabba!

  8. I sooooo look forward to my dose of nibbles every Wednesday. You just crack me up with the stuff you find!

    I too am going to the OBN get together and am looking forward to meeting you especially after all the good things I've heard about you. (BTW, how much exactly do you have to pay those's guys to say that kinda stuff? I need all the help I can get!)

  9. The guy from Georgia is "touched."

  10. Whoohoo! The OBN get-together in Colorado would not be the same without you! Glad it's in your plans...Too much monkey'n around in that vid! Funny stuff.

  11. Just letting you know I gave you an award.


  12. It would be humbling for me to be able to meet you and the others in that group of fishflingers (my wife says that is not a word!) I betcha' we would have some great fun and catch some fishes, too. Maybe they ought to hide the women and children!

  13. HEY HEY NOW. You're saying it wrong. It's "tetched." In the haaid.

    You won't believe this cofisher, but I had a line in that OBN song that went something like "teched in the head" but I chanced it to "rowin a boat" or some such.

    Mike, I'm missin you over at the OBN forums. I'm also way ahead of you in post count now, even though it doesn't show up at the bottom anymore. You'll never catch up. ever. ever.

  14. @Ivan
    The Bolaris dong has been imposing itself upon the Philadelphia region for years.

  15. @Shoreman
    No prob, it was well deserved. Just like a cold Bud Light.

  16. @Capt Paul Mandella
    Glad you liked that Capt. Just hope you didn't like it too much if you catch my drift. :)

  17. @texwisgirl
    Can something be a stereotype if it's true?

  18. @Kiwi
    I've got those soundtracks rockin' in my house too...along with The Fresh Beat Band & Laurie Berkner. Damn you Nick Jr!

  19. @kmurray
    The going rate is about $100 bucks a month. Cofisher comes much cheaper.

    I'm starting to get scared of this OBN meet-up. Too many outdoor bloggers in the same place could be very dangerous.

  21. @Mel
    Catch fish? Can you show me how Obi Wan?

  22. @southernblueridge
    I'll stop by but never catch up. I've seen first hand over in Tenkaraland how good old OJ comes on in and napalms a forum. I won't get within 100 of ya.

  23. @Clif
    I really don't want to meet ya so much as drink with ya. I remember this post fondly.