March 1, 2011

A Prelude to the Nibbles

The Wednesday Nibbles are the forum I usually use to toss randomness your way.  A few things have presented themselves in the world of blogdom that should make for a nice jumbled post today, so check these a day early...and then some more for the Nibbles tomorrow.

First off, if you're reading this on March 1st, head over to Ben G. Outdoors for the start of his online blogger scavenger hunt.  There are a ton of great prizes up for grabs, and this multi-blog format should make for some real fun in sleuthing.  It's kinda like online geocaching...but not as ridiculously dorky.
Sponsored by Jerky...amongst other things.

Clif at Lunker Hunt outdid himself with this Oscar Weigh-In post.  This is awesome...really Clif, I'm quite impressed.  The pictures say it all, so I'm not going to write a ton, but I had no idea Natalie Portman had such massive man hands.
SMB, the perfect compliment to any outfit

Howard's holding a contest over on his blog, Sexy Lady Flyfishing..err..I mean Wind Knots & Tangled Lines.  Based on the amount of comments on his post, you all probably are aware of this contest, but for those of you not in our little blog buddy clique, basically all he wants you to do is write a post about why you are a "fishing legend in your own mind."  The prize is a reel, but my name is already on it.
My new reel, courtesy of Howard &

Owl re-launched his site on Friday amid much hoopla (in his own mind).  The most interesting aspect (in my opinion) besides the various levels - fly shop, photography, etc... - is the little chat box he added in the right sidebar.  He's contemplating scheduling regular chats, which would totally bring another dimension to this whole blogging stuff.   That said, I was never one for online chatting, I could never figure out the common acronyms...LOL, ROTFL, WTF?
Owl doesn't just take pictures of bears and girls on motorcycles.

There were also two somewhat saddening posts that are also worth checking out.  I don't usually get serious around here, but for these two, I'll make an exception.  Ivan touches on the upcoming loss of his local fly shop and the role it played in his development of a fly angler, while Swamp Thing mourns the loss, but also touchingly celebrates the life of a great friend.  Must read stuff.
Go get 'em, Roan.

Finally over here, Troutrageous! is like 1 or 2 Facebook fans away from 100.  My wife's business has like a bazilliongajillion Facebook Fans, so this is a relatively small milestone in comparison, but one excruciatingly close nonetheless.  Go tell your girlfriend or Mom to "Like" if they secretly don't already...


  1. Michael, thanks for the shout out on the contest on Windknots,etc. Ton of comments. If they all eventually send in an entry I'll be busy reading until the sun comes out and the ice melts.

    Whoa buddy...I love Natalie Portman. Wouldn't you know she probably smells like fish!

    Great post Mike, thanks for the smiles. I'll be sure to check out the posts you mentioned.

  2. To be exact, you needed two facebook fans to get to 100. Now it's only one, since I became a fan. Great blog with interesting posts. You'll make it to a hundred soon, hopefully. LOL.

  3. You got it, bro. I put you over the top on your FB page. You owe me one.

    And geocaching is *not* dorky.

  4. She'll crack her lobster tail with one hand and fight you off "the goods" with the other.

  5. Thanks for the mention about our contest!

  6. I always suspected natalie portman had man hands. I thought clif's post was ingenious. thanks for the blog love.

  7. Awesome post and the reason I keep coming back. The girl I chose to be my spokesmodel turned me down, but reading this cheered me right back up.

  8. I just found owls site for the first time yesterday. You have some great stuff on here. You got a follower

  9. With the bubble tent, can we camp on the water?

    By "we" I mean "we" but get your own bubble.

  10. I think I might have commented on the wrong post. Silly interweb, getting me all tangled.

    You can choose to let it fly or kill it.