Pro Angler In Town

Got this email from Texas Roadhouse (you know steaks, buckets of peanuts, & Willie Nelson), that noted professional angler Mike DelVisco was going to be in town this Thursday (February 17th) for a night of fishing themed fun.

Since it's not everyday two of my favorite things directly intersect - fishing & eating - it seems like a fun way to spend a night.  Now I just need to convince the wife to go.  Plus there's fishing stuff giveaways, which always ups the ante.


  1. I can see the line forming outside now... :)

  2. Troutrageous! is slowing creeping back into our lives and I'm happy. I hope you go and win a bucket of worms Mike!

  3. @texwisgirl
    I'm actually hoping it has the opposite effect and scare people off. That place is usually packed!

  4. @Cofisher
    Slowly. The past two days were canned posts I had some time to do on Sunday. Next week the faucet should more or less be turned back on.

  5. Bassmaster...gotta love the gear they wear...maybe I need to switch over so I can wear the bright colors! Haha. (My yellow pants would so go with that shirt...)

  6. "see store for specific registration details."

    Pay attention, or you'll be eating at Mickey D's across the street.

  7. I love this guy, it will be a great evening. Hope you win something!

    Once I get some sponsors, I'm getting one of those shirts.

  9. @Clif
    KC & Lilly would probably prefer that option.


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