February 19, 2011

Not So Subliminal Message

I did.  You should too.


  1. Any chance they are selling the Owl Jones action figure again?

  2. That's what I'm sayin!

    Marie brought home a $1 jumprope for my grandson Eli from Walmart 'cause it was - cheaper'. It lasted 1hr of play and the handle broke.

  3. Gee wiz! Ill hook ya up for a buck fifty, if your stocking up.

  4. Ha ha Clif! thats just funny right there!!!
    I spotted the bright orange whistle and laughed then wondered if the trout jumped out of the chest pack or was it headed in...
    Maybe there is more to the jumprope than meets the eye..

  5. Good ones Clif and Josh! I'm in for the Owl Jones Production Action Figure. I can use it to scare little kids selling cookies. Seriously, I'm putting an order together this weekend...Owls be our friend.

  6. @Bigerrfish
    Nah, I can tie my own. Just looking to hook a brotha up.

  7. @Bigerrfish
    Think it's more the "I've fallen and cant get up whistle"

  8. Thanks Mike. Clif, not so much. You weren't supposed to actually SAY what it really was! Geesh, remind me not to tell you where the big fish are! ;) lol That whistle made it to my vest, and one for my backpack, after that trip to Death Prong. I also carry one of those striker things to make a fire, even when I'm thinking that I'm only going a mile or two from the truck. Because as I found out...that's why they call it "unexpected!" :)

    I appreciate the plug and I really appreciate the time it took for you to get me on the air at QVC. I bought $34.59 worth of cell phone signal enhancer stuff, so....

    PS - your new facebook/twitter/etc. tags to the left look really nice!

  9. Mike..."Think it's more the "I've fallen and cant get up whistle"...Yeah, I can just see Rufus T. coming to his aid!! And that fish sure doesn't like the "tight" line going across OWL's face, does he? Ha.

    And why is my "word verification" ...backturd? Now, that is funny.