February 12, 2011

News & Notes - Don't Call It Nibbles

No matter what you read below, I'm still on hiatus.

That said, it's 11:30 PM on Saturday night and I just closed the book on work stuff for the night.  Wanted to stretch my legs and write some fishing related randomness.

First off, I got a little care package in the mail this week.  Actually, not so much a care package, but the result of a fly swap held over at the Tenkara-Fisher forum.  I have to say, all of the ties are awesome (Karel over at Tenkara On The Fly is planning on "blogging" the swap, so I won't steal his thunder), but one struck me as very interesting and unusual.  There was a fly tied on a barbless hook with a wavy point like the one pictured below.
Waves in hooks as good as in potato chips - beats me?

The squiggle serves as kind of a barb without actually having one.  Being a relative noob to fly-tying, I've never used a hook like this...has anyone else?  I might pick some up and give them a try.

In other news, I spent much of today cruising blogs in my blogroll, leaving lots of comments in my wake.  While I appreciate on some level virtually all of what everyone writes, I think the recent posts over at Eat More Brook Trout were really outstanding.  Check them out if you have a spare minute or two.

While I still might not be writing much myself this week, my friend "Spurky" (offered to and) has already sent over some more guest post material, so keep an eye out for that in upcoming days.  It's a mere copy and paste away.  I think he's gonna get his own "label".
"Spurky" is a real person, not one of my multiple personalities.

Finally, I also noticed that since I went on my break from writing overall site traffic is way down (expected), but I've also added 4 Google Followers (unexpected) in the process.  Interesting contradiction, but appreciated nonetheless.  Welcome aboard all.


  1. Interesting bump... Not sure if it will do much other than make hookups harder since it is smooth and not barbed...

  2. Func has a good point. If that thing works as a barb, it should do the same going the other way. But in reality, I'm guessing it won't do much of anything. In either direction.

    Let us know what you find out.

  3. Interesting hook...I've never seen one quite like that. Trying to figure out if it would actually work as well as a real barb.

  4. Interesting looking hooks. Never seen them before.

  5. Now that is a weird hook to say the least. I suppose whatever works is what counts no matter how it looks.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  6. I'll skip on the hook...but where's the potato chips?

  7. I'm with you on EMBT latest posts; top notch stuff. The hook...I am not sure about it; I'll be interested to hear how it works for you.

  8. I have used that style hook for salmon. I tied some eggs on #10's that I had laying around. I don't know about the barb, but they hook-up on fish pretty good, the tip is nice and sharp and seems to point away from the shank just enough that it drags the rest of the hook right into whatever it touches.