February 24, 2011

A Missed Milestone

Yesterday's Wednesday Nibbles was a milestone for this blog.  And I totally missed the significance until today.  It was this blog's 500th* post.

Why the asterisk?  In this era of steroid-inflated everything, the 500 blog post milestone just doesn't resonate like it did back in the good ol' days.
Say it ain't so Joe!

No, in today's blogging world 500 blog posts is pretty commonplace.  Some bloggers hit that total in their first week of writing.  That magic number certainly doesn't guarantee you a spot in the Fishing Blog Hall of Fame (conveniently located somewhere in Northern California, I think).  It will probably get you on the Sports Medicine School's list though...
Where's Wally the Wonderdog's plaque?

Although they'll never openly admit it, the Fishing Blog Writers Association of America appears to hold a grudge against any bloggers of the "iPhone Era."  Even if you don't juice your numbers by blogging remotely via email, cellphones, Twitter, Facebook, (yeah, they've got an app for all that)...the feeling is that today's technology simply makes it too easy to accumulate cheap numbers quickly.  Fairly or not, you're automatically guilty by association.
Blogging been berry berry goo to me

In the voters eyes, today's achievements will never match those great blogging feats of your grandfather's generation - those epic posts that were written over dial-up modems that made a skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh sound when they turned them on.

So while this milestone would have once insured immortality, today I'm barely batting an impotent 8th in a lineup of other musclebound bloggers.  Oh well, I'll just need to accumulate my numbers over time...just like the real King did.

Now to the real message of the day.  Enjoy Spring Training everyone.  Come April 1st, The Four Aces (& Joe) await.
Thanks to Ivan's comment for today's inspiration.


  1. Congrats Mike on the 500th post. Here's to another 500. Keep up the great work.


  2. Very cool post man and congrats on 500!!!

  3. Don't sell yourself short. 500 *is* a big deal. It's too easy for people to start blogs these days, but 99% die within the first month. Being a regular blogger is fun, but it's work, and 500 posts, especially they way you do it, is no small feat.

    Looking forward to the next 500, and more.

  4. "Troutrageous - Maybe not first ballot, but we'll get there."

    Congrats Mike, 500 quality posts are better than thousands of posts of garbage.

  5. I, for one, could handle not seeing another 500.

    You put great pressure one my ability to come up with interesting comments.

  6. Baseball posts are ALL GOOD!!! Congrats...

  7. I wouldn't put you in this new class of steroid enhanced bloggers. To me, you are more like the Rafael Palme...., uhhh, Manny Rami...., uhhh, Ken Griffey Jr. of blogging. Third time is the charm. I hope that come late October, we can share a celebratory post.

  8. Mike you will always be immoral, ah I mean immortal in my mind. Of course my mind wanders frequently. Congrats on 500...may you post 500 more and then go on vacation again.

  9. Congrats on the 500th post! I got a good laugh out of 501 too. I think I need steroids for my blog.

  10. It was all good until the end. Clearly you haven't seen the new SI cover...


  11. 500! Just hit 50 the other day and it felt like eating an entire whale... Keep chasing the dream!

  12. Congrats to you Mike! I think it's a great mile stone to reach especially when your posts are quality... oh wait. That was another blog...

    Just jokin' with ya! Congrats again and here's to the next 500 being full of fun and fish. Cheers!

  13. Anyone can Twitter their syphilitic mind drippings and call it a blog, no one puts together consistent entertainment like Troutrageous. Here's to the next 500! I'll go back and read the other 490 I missed. FR

  14. Troutrageous is one of a kind. The "kind" you just keep coming back too to see what could he possibly be blogging about again today! Tee Hee

    I think I have enjoyed all (500) of them. Here is to (500) more so you can finally wear Clif out!

  15. May the measure of a man's blog be the number of hot chicks holding rods...

    Congrats Mike!

  16. Thanks for the kind words all.

    Especially Fontinalis Rising, I mean any comment that references "syphilitic mind droppings" gets an A+++ from me!