February 4, 2011

Items of Note

Some things popped up in the last 24 hours that I think are sort of newsworthy.  So this post is kinda like Wednesday Nibbles, just no stupid videos.

Blogger App for Android
Blogger Buzz announced yesterday the official Blogger App for Android smartphones.  Since I got my Android phone a few months back, I've tried a few "unofficial" Blogger apps, but to be honest have found them to be pretty clunky and lacking the features I was accustomed to. This one is really much better, a much truer Blogger experience.  Worth the free download if you have an Android phone and are on the Blogger platform. You never know when inspiration might strike.
Blogging on the move...

Cabela's Hardcover Catalog
They're evidently starting to make the rounds.  This is the first time I've received one, so I guess Cabela's is finally recognizing all of that gift card money I spend with them.  I assume that's how you get one of these as opposed to the standard softcover.  I just wonder...is it too nice to sit next to the porcelain throne with the rest of my fishing catalogs?
10 pounds of goodness

Interview at Ben G. Outdoors
As if my ego wasn't humongously enormous already, blogbuddy Ben G. over at Ben G. Outdoors recently asked me if I'd like to do an interview for his blog.  Flattered & honored by the gesture I agreed, and he posted it to his site yesterday.  I always thought I'd end up featured on Abnormal Outdoors before BGO, but if you simply can't get enough of Troutrageous!, you can check it out at his blog HERE.
The coolest Ben since Franklin.

That's about it for today.  Really looking forward to this weekend.  This was a pretty tough work week.  Not sure if I'll get in any fishing, but you never know.


  1. very cool interview! id like to see ben interview more outdoor bloggers.

  2. FIRST! ?

    Hey man that's cool! When you come out to CO, do NOT forget to bring plenty of autographed Troutragous! swag for the rest of us! I bet you could sell it for AT LEAST $2 an item. You'll make a killing! :)

    Seriously, I'm heading over to check out the interview thing right now. Oh and that catalog monstrosity, I'd rather have the paperback. You'll see. I don't know what they were thinking spending all that money to make and ship that thing. I've yet to run into anyone that likes it or thinks it adds anything of value to the catalog. ( and the fly fishing section is tiny so, pfft. there's that too.)

  3. OMG. You listed FFSBR in a "stuck on an island" question?! I should tell you that I woke the wife up yelling " YES! YES! YES!" in glee. All that money I'm sending to Limerick is finally paying off. ;) Thanks man. That means a heck-uv-a lot.

    btw - the boat is ok. the truck was all that was hurt.

  4. That was a great interview you did over at Ben's. It's great to see you don't take life too serious...its too short for that crap!

    And our house gets a hardback Cabela's. Let's put it this way...Rambob uses it more for a cutting board out in the garage and I've used it to kill spiders with. Go figure.

  5. @ LB - hey, now that's some good thinkin' there! Spider killer......I can always use more of that.

  6. I downloaded the Blogger App...thanks!

  7. I'd feel bad leaving that beautiful catalog on the floor next to the throne.

  8. @oregonshane
    I agree - love to read what makes people tick. He did interview Rick from Whitetail Woods & Kari from I Don't Wear Pink Camo. If you haven't read them check out the Interviews tab on his blog.

  9. @southernblueridge
    Agreed on the fly fishing section...the softcover is MUCH better!

  10. @LB @ BulletsandBiscuits
    A cutting board might become it's fate. Or a doorstop.

  11. @Clif
    I know...the pages are too glossy to be effective...