February 21, 2011

I Wanna Be Like Mike

Yeah, that's what I found out when I went through my mail this weekend to pay the bills.

Evidently somebody decided they wanted to be me and open up both Target & Kay Jewelers' credit cards in my name last week.  Luckily, I'm a member of one of those credit protection services, so in addition to the "rejection" letter from Target (due to lack of proper background info) and a shiny new Kay gold card, I also got notices from Experian & Equifax that these jokers were up to no good.

Fear not loyal Troutrageous! followers, the credit bureaus have been notified and it doesn't appear that any of my real bank accounts or credit cards were hacked...just new lines of credit trying to be opened. And hey, identity thieves...I've gotta secret for you...click HERE and I'll tell ya.

On to more palatable news, I didn't get out fishing this weekend (we had like 150,000 mph winds on Saturday), but I was able to catch up on some blog reading, as well as hit a local Outdoors Show.  The show was a pretty good time.  I worked the booth for my trout club for a few hours, got to meet Matt from Functioning Fishaholics (& his eternally patient better half), and got to visit and chat with quite a few fishing manufacturers & retailers.  The retailer conversations were fun as I didn't tell them who I was.  I mean I didn't want them to be too intimidated by the aura that is Troutrageous!

Two of my favorites were Ultimate Fishing Maps and Shu-Fly Tackle & Fly Shop.  I'm not really going to write up much about either right now, as I may save that for another time, but please take a minute or two to visit their websites.  They both make some good stuff - I'm a fan of UFM's GPS technology & Shu-Fly's 6'6" 3-wt fly rod - and also seemed like honest folks, the kind you'd like to do business with.

Anyway, we'll see what this week has in store.  With the recent hiatus, my inbox has been accumulating a nice amount of randomness.  Not promising masterpieces of blog posts, but at least the material should flow freely...like when Howard remembers to take his fiber.


  1. Sorry to hear about the identity theft attempt. I guess that's the price of fame! I look forward to my turn. Unfortunately no one would buy a video called "Be like Howard" unless it was a Metamucil commercial. I really liked your two word response.

  2. No Way, you too... we've been having 150,000 mile per hour wind here for like a week. I can't even drop my line into the ice hole, it ends up flying away.

  3. "I" once spent $500 at a cigar store in Spain, while sleeping comfortably in my bed at home. I know how you feel.

    To find the perp, evaluate all your recent on-line purchases. The answer may be staring you in the face.

  4. @Cofisher
    Thanks man, the Governator is good for something.

  5. @William @ AnglerWise
    Yeah, it's gotta be global warming or something. The winds over the last year have been OUT OF CONTROL!

  6. @Clif
    I've also done similar shopping at convenience stores in Brazil a few years ago. Fortunately, after talking to some credit type folks, I think I have a pretty good idea of where it started. Has nothing to do with the internet...and to be honest is a little scary.