Humbled by the Skunk

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I rolled out of bed this morning excited with the prospects of finally going fishing.  I hadn't been out since New Year's Day, so by my standards, I was well overdue.  Today's temperatures were to be in the low 40s; tropical when compared to the last month or so.

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, the fishing was unremarkable.  I just wasn't in a groove from the start, losing two flies in probably my first ten casts.  I ended up in way more trees and snagged in more rocks than normal, and sadly, left too many soldiers behind.

Two positives, I got to use two pieces of new equipment extensively - the Freshwater Fly mini fly clip and the Streamside Leaders Mystic Creek tenkara line.  The clip performed flawlessly and is one sweet little item.  The line...well more on that in its own review post tomorrow.

In the end, it was great just to be out, fish or no fish.  Today's skunking...just water under the bridge.


  1. Sometimes you eat the skunk... Sometimes the skunk eats you! 42 days, 2 hours remain till Spring...

  2. It happens to all of us. It just means the fishing gods owe you more next time.

  3. I love that picture. I might also say some days you have it and some days you don't.

    Been there and done that!

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  4. I stopped writing about my skunks long ago. I guess if I had an android that would change.

  5. The skunks not to bad. At least now you can say, wow I haven't been out since Feb. 4th!

  6. Since the guys are lamenting here a little bit, haven't I ever mentioned to you that "sometimes the fish win"!

  7. Mike...So, we both had the same kind of day...Smelly skunks!!! I think they affect me more in the winter, mainly because you should get some kind of reward for being out in the cold!!! Ha. "Fish Win!" Thanks, Mel.

  8. I know how you feel. Moi of the 2,4, maybe 6 or so skunks lately. There's always tomorrow.


  9. Take your skunk like a man - or like the Damsel, no doubt tough or tougher. Without the occasional skunk, the other days wouldn't smell as sweet.

  10. Getting skunk will give you a reason to get out again, to wash that skunk taste out of your mouth. Fish or no fish, at least you were out of the house!


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