February 3, 2011

A Guest Post? The YakDaddy Slider

Today brings something new to Troutrageous!  A guest post of sorts, from a fisherfriend I met on the PAanglers.com forum and have had the pleasure of sharing some time on the water with.

Jim, aka "Spurky" is one heck of a multi-species angler...not to mention the dude speaks whatever language trout do...so when he recommends something I listen.  He sent me a message on Facebook the other night asking me to write a post about a product he's fond of...

"...this product I just got from YakDaddy and it is an awesome set up for sit on top kayaks. Holds a lot, real convenient, and is well designed and put together. Would you post it on your T1 blog?"

Liking the idea, but not owning a kayak myself (so no context), I asked him to elaborate a bit and said I'd happily post it here. One less post I actually have to write myself, you know? So here's a guest product review, a la Spurky.

"The Slider is a fishing system for use on sit on top kayaks. Basically it comes in a complete package. I watched video and thought it would be a better idea than having rod mounts in set positions. I now can troll with ease, just by sliding it forward and setting the rod angles. Pulling it back I can still fish with everything right at my finger tips, no reaching around behind me for my tackle box or drink (drink holder was added by me,it has pre-drilled holes for extras). The tacklebox included is a fantastic one with lots of storage. I think anyone who fishes alot with a SOT, this would be a great addition!"

(For more on the Slider, visit the YakDaddy website HERE)

I know there's some 'yak anglers out there reading this blog. What do you think of the Slider? You got one? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

I've never touched the YakDaddy Slider featured in this product review. I assume Spurky currently holds no association with YakDaddy whatsoever and bought this with his own hard-earned money. If he was secretly a salesman for YakDaddy, he'd probably tell me, as anyone who knows Spurky knows he ain't shy. As with all independent gear reviews at Troutrageous!, I try my best to keep my opinions honest and unbiased, even when I don't write them myself.


  1. WOWWeee. That thing is cool, man! I was thinking about getting one of those yaks before I lost my job last year. I'll get one someday maybe. I hope by then these things come as standard equipment!

  2. I've seen pics of the Yak daddy slider before but watching the video really explained it. That thing is ELEGANT! Kinda sad I have a 1972 16' aluminum canoe rather than a 'yak...

  3. @Anonymous
    With a name like Anonymous, you must be shy..."Spurky"