February 20, 2011

Guest Post - Spurky on Lake Ontario & Redline Sport Charters

Spurky seems to enjoy writing these guest posts.  I may have created a monster.  They keep piling up in my Facebook inbox.  So I guess I'll let him back.  In this installment, he gives some tips on maximizing a trip to Lake Ontario.
17 times over last 25 years, I have gone fishing out on Lake Ontario.  I prefer Lake Ontario better than Lake Erie for a few reasons - the locals are friendlier, it's easier to get to, and I've never had a bad time there.  I drive 6 miles to I-81 North, and stay on it for 4.5 hours, turn left at Exit 36 Pulaski, and drive until the road ends at Walla, Port Ontario.  The majority of the trip on I-81 is through the countryside with great scenery.
For 15 years, I went with the same guide, but during a hiatus when Samantha was young he retired.  2007 was my first trip back up in years, this time with Samantha, going after browns.  We had a fine trip, with a surprise steelhead for Sammy. 
In 2009 we went back up together.  Samantha loves the beach, so we went to Sandy Island Beach Park, which was fun, but got Sam nervous due to the height of the waves.  After the beach we hit Brandy's Sunrise Restaurant.  Brandy's has great food, personal service, and cheap, cheap prices.  We stayed at Costello's Cabins, because Sam loved them the last time, but Port Lodge is also just down the road.  Woody's Tackle Shop is right on corner, they have everything and ALWAYS give great fishing advice. 
We went out on Lake Ontario with Redline Sport Charters, (Patrick Thayer on Facebook). Samantha is super shy and quiet - well Patrick got her out of her shell and we had a great time!  
Fishing was down due to a nasty front that went through 2 days prior but we ended up with 4 nice kings, including Sam's first salmon.  It hit a dipsy diver 350 feet out.  By the time we got it stopped it was 475 feet out and then pulled 3 awesome runs!  It never gave up, diving 200 feet straight down when it got to the boat.
If you ever wanna go to Lake Ontario and do some fishing or hunting, look up Patrick Thayer on Facebook.  The man is an awesome guide!
Thanks again to Spurky for helping out by supplementing my recent lack of content.  Things should be more or less back to normal this week, but Spurky is always welcome, so you never know when or where he'll pop up again.

I've never been to Lake Ontario. That said, I trust Spurky's judgment and opinions of places & folks so I have no problem posting this endorsement of their operations. As with all guest posts on Troutrageous! the opinions expressed are solely those of the guest author as I'm generally too lazy to come up with opinions of my own.


  1. Go Spurky Go. Good content. The travelin guest Blogadoor. Come on over and write something for me when TR gets back on his feet! LOL.

  2. Interesting post. I've never been to Lake Ontario either, but it made we wish I had.