February 15, 2011

Guest Post - Spurky on Blue Mountain Outfitters

Spurky is back with another guest post.  This time he professes love for Blue Mountain Outfitters, a canoe & kayak retailer just outside of Harrisburg, PA.

BMO is a outstanding full service paddle sports store, well actually train station...as the business is located in the old train station in Marysville, PA. If ya like paddling and trains thats your place, especially considering one set of train tracks is 3 feet from building!!!
BMO - Pot o' Gold at the end of the (double) rainbow!
They carry every conceivable item you would need for paddling, kayak, canoes, etc... The whole staff is well versed in the business and are super friendly, non pushy types! Hard to find now a days.

They carry both new and used equipment, so finding something in your budget should not be too hard. Float trips can also be scheduled with the staff, and rentals are available.

So if ya get the time check them out, and enjoy the wide open showrooms & good company. You will not regret it!

On that note, I thank Spurky for another guest post and once again picking up my slack.

I've never stepped foot in Blue Mountain Outfitters. That said, I trust Spurky's judgment and opinions of folks so I have no problem posting this endorsement of their operations. As with all guest posts on Troutrageous! the opinions expressed are solely those of the guest author as I'm generally too lazy to come up with opinions of my own.


  1. Wow,
    That double rainbow shot is awesomw.

  2. It is an awesome pic. Wish I was the one who took it.

  3. Thanks! I'll pass the word on to Kris, our guru outfitting and repair guy, and the photographer of this, and many other of our pics.