February 9, 2011

Enjoy Your Vacation

You probably dropped in expecting to read Wednesday Nibbles today.  Ain't gonna happen.  Rather, I'm going to use this forum to announce a self-imposed hiatus from blogging.  Note I said hiatus, not retirement.

Without totally spilling the beans on what goes on at my day job (mystery always makes things sound more exciting than they actually are), it revolves around sports.  Two of said sports are holding very, very large events this month - requiring much more time at night doing work stuff on the computer rather than blogging.  I've tried to balance the two the last week or so but haven't been pleased with the results (or lack of sleep).

So for maybe the next few weeks you can expect a random post here or there, but not the daily content I usually uncontrollably spew like projectile vomit.  Rather, I'll take what time I do have to check out and comment on your blogs.  To keep relevant, you may even find some posts on the OBN Forum or the Troutrageous! Facebook or Twitter pages.  (If you're not following on either of those, why the heck not!?)

Like I said in the title of this post, enjoy your vacation; you've put up with my blogging nonsense for a while, so it's time away well deserved.


  1. Whaaaat? Real life can't get in the way of the interweb life. A well deserved break. Enjoy it.

  2. Oh man...I hope things get back to normal soon.

  3. Enjoy your well deserved hiatus (are multiple "hiatuses" called hiati?)

    Show season - I feel for you. Just came off mine.

  4. I would say have fun, but it looks like work is going to be consuming any "fun" time you'd get out of this hiatus.. So good luck with it and see you once things get back to normal.

  5. Troutrageous isn't paying the bills? I guess there is no hope for me...I better go to work tomorrow myself.

  6. Mike, you're going to love retirement. No need for hiatus.