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Guest Post - K.C. on Maximizing Rebate Offers

My wife K.C. offered to write a guest post yesterday after she read all of my rebate posts from the other day.  Hey, less work for me.  Enjoy, and hopefully save a few bucks in the process.
Hi There! it's Mrs. Troutrageous! a.k.a. The Diaper Bag Wrangler. This post is about 2 things: shopping and saving money- so guys, feel free to forward this to your ladies if you don't give a crap about the shopping part, but want to reinforce the "saving money" part.

I saw Mike posting all the rebates last night and I offered to write a guest post about maximizing your discounts when online shopping.  I  use 2 "cash back" websites - Ebates and Shop at Home. Essentially you join for free, use the sites to search for current online cash back rebates and/or coupons. Once you decide where to shop, you click on the link and are redirected to the retailer. When you make a purchase a % cash back rebate is d…

A New Troutmobile

Before I fill you in on how I spent my Saturday, let me apologize for the "Free Stuff" posts that appear directly beneath this one.  See, every year I round up and post a lot of the manufacturer's rebates.  No, not out of the goodness of my heart to try and save you money, but rather as a cheap way to get traffic to my site.

You'd be surprised how many people show up over here by searching for "Berkley Line Rebate" or "I Want A Crappy T-Shirt Rebate" over the course of the year.  Rather than spread these posts out over several days, I figured I'd get them out of the way all at once.  So if you like 'em, enjoy.  If not, F-off.

Now to my Saturday.  I ended up buying that new car...or SUV to be more accurate.  After narrowing down our choices at the car show a few weeks ago, K.C. & I went with the Subaru Forester (again, we had a '03) as it had the best mix of what we were looking for - AWD, roomy back seat, good MPG, some adequate wi…

Free Stuff - A Crapload of Fishing Line Rebates

There's a lot of fishing line rebates this Spring.  I'm sure I'm missing a ton, but here's a few I scrounged up for your reference.  Quite a few different brands, so there's a little bit for everyone.

Receive a $6 rebate on the purchase of two spools of P-Line now through 3/15/2011.

This isn't necessarily just a line rebate, it's the Berkley Mix & Match Rebate.  Buy any combination of Line, Bait, Tools, or Rods and get some money back depending on how much you spend.

Buy $10, get $3 backBuy $20, get $7 backBuy $40, get $15 back

Receive a $7 rebate on the purchase of 1 spool of Spiderwire Stealth Braid or Ultracast Fluoro-Braid now through 7/31/2011.

Receive a free hat with the purchase of any 1 box of Spiderwire line now through 12/31/2011.

Free Stuff - Berkley Long Sleeve T-Shirt Rebate

Yet another free t-shirt rebate. You think Pflueger, Shakespeare, and Berkley all answer to the same corporate marketing Mother Ship...? any Berkley rod (like one of these extremely popular Lightning Rods) now between 12/31/11 and get a free t-shirt.

Download the Berkley T-Shirt Rebate form here:

Free Stuff - Abu Garcia 2011 Mail In Rebates

Here's two rebates from Abu Garcia.  Good stuff too.

First you can get a FREE Abu Garcia hooded sweatshirt with the purchase of any Abu Garcia rod or reel $79.99 or more.

Even better, you can get a $25 rebate if you purchase any Abu Garcia REVO reel and any Abu Garcia rod.

For example, pick up a REVO SX and pair it with a Veritas rod, and you qualify for both rebates!  Pretty sweet deal if you're looking to upgrade your gear this spring.

Download the Sweatshirt Rebate form here:

Download the $25 Rebate form here:

Free Stuff - Ugly Stik Long Sleeve T-Shirt Rebate

Another t-shirt rebate, this time from Ugly Stik.

Buy an Ugly Stik rod or combo between now and 12/31/11, and get this handsome Ugly Stik tee for free.  Chicks dig Ugly Stiks, at least that what your Mom told me.

Download the Ugly Stik T-Shirt Rebate form here:

Free Stuff - Pflueger Long Sleeve T-Shirt Rebate

This deal ain't new, but it's back for 2011, simple as ever.

Buy any Pflueger reel by 12/31/2011, get a free Pflueger long sleeve t-shirt.  That easy.

Download Pflueger T-Shirt Rebate form below:

Free Stuff - St. Croix Mojo Bass Cap, Shirt, & Decal Rebate

Some sweet gear is available by rebate if you decide to pick up a St. Croix Mojo Bass rod between now and June 30, 2011.  Check it out, a free t-shirt, free hat, and free decal is all for the taking!

"The passionate angler is presented with many palettes to express their affections. Cars. Boats. T-shirts. Other people’s cars and boats. But ultimately the greatest expressions are not made with adhesive plastic but with a St. Croix® Mojo Bass rod. These technique-specific rods are fully loaded SCII graphite magic wands dressed up in a hot black-cherry metallic finish. And the components? Only the finest. No shortcuts were taken. In fact, they’ve become so popular we added two new glass models this year – the Crankster and Big Crankster. You’re welcome." -
Download the rebate form here:

First Impressions - Flying Fisherman Pago Polarized Sunglasses

I got some goodies in the mail last night.  Thanks to the OBN & Flying Fisherman, I was lucky enough to be selected as a tester for their Pago Polarized Sunglasses.  Free stuff is always good.

Now before I get into what they sent me and my initial thoughts, I should probably put out some sort of disclaimer.  Hobie Polarized Sunglasses is a quasi-sponsor of this website.  The offered up free product (much like Flying Fisherman is doing with OBN) for me to review and giveaway to a reader last Spring.  I really like my Hobies and would recommend them to anyone.  That said, I will not allow that relationship influence this review, only serve as a point of context.

That bit of business out of the way, when I tore open the box, I was kinda surprised with all the goodies on the inside.  Not only did they send a pair of Pago polarized sunglasses (in tobacco w/ amber lenses), but there was also one of those neoprene sunglass keepers "aka Eyeglass Retainer" as well as a bunch of m…

Plastic Buckets o' Trout

Found this on Vimeo last night. Looks like fishing in a big swimming pool to me, but who am I to judge?  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get your trout on.  I haven't caught a fish since New Year's, so I'd take some of that action right now.

Keeping my post low key today...waiting for the fun (or not) tonight.

A Missed Milestone

Yesterday's Wednesday Nibbles was a milestone for this blog.  And I totally missed the significance until today.  It was this blog's 500th* post.

Why the asterisk?  In this era of steroid-inflated everything, the 500 blog post milestone just doesn't resonate like it did back in the good ol' days.

No, in today's blogging world 500 blog posts is pretty commonplace.  Some bloggers hit that total in their first week of writing.  That magic number certainly doesn't guarantee you a spot in the Fishing Blog Hall of Fame (conveniently located somewhere in Northern California, I think).  It will probably get you on the Sports Medicine School's list though...

Although they'll never openly admit it, the Fishing Blog Writers Association of America appears to hold a grudge against any bloggers of the "iPhone Era."  Even if you don't juice your numbers by blogging remotely via email, cellphones, Twitter, Facebook, (yeah, they've got an app for all t…

Wednesday Nibbles - No Theme Randomness Edition

Hey - it's Wednesday Nibbles time again.  Oh how I missed writing these posts over the last few weeks.  I know they only really appeal to the mentally ill, but they're still fun to write.

Speaking of fun to write, the local newspaper's website picked up yesterday's attempt at a post and made it a "SPOTLIGHT" article on their homepage.  I thought that was kinda funny.  I write a post a day for quite some time and never get that kind of exposure on the Merc, but on the day I write about getting kicked in the nuts and run a video of top-heavy fisherbabes, voila!

Either the online editor lost a bet or it was a slow news day, either way I was honored to share my fifteen minutes of digital fame with the "Duct-Taped Baby's" Mom.

Have you seen this video?  I'm actually only posting it for Owl since he has a creepy thing for LOL cats and has been spending all his time cranking out the latest incarnation of his site.  This video has been making the r…

Tuesday - The Kick in the Balls of Weekdays

I've always been under the opinion that Tuesdays are the worst day of the week.

Most people make the case that Monday, the beginning of the work week, is the worst day of the week.  This is evidenced as to how most try to cling to the weekend for as long as humanly possible, as if trying to stay up late on Sunday night will prevent the inevitable.  That said, once Monday arrives, it does allow for a bit of naive optimism that the fresh start of a new week brings.  "Yes, this week will surely be better than last week," you tell yourself as you cram a Pop-Tart down your throat and scamper off to work ready to trade stories of weekend fun with some colleagues by the coffee machine.

Tuesday on the other hand brings the realization that this week is most likely going to suck just as bad as the last and well...there's still 4 more days to go until the weekend.  Tuesday doesn't have a fun name like "hump day," no, that's reserved for Wednesday.   There ar…

I Wanna Be Like Mike

Yeah, that's what I found out when I went through my mail this weekend to pay the bills.

Evidently somebody decided they wanted to be me and open up both Target & Kay Jewelers' credit cards in my name last week.  Luckily, I'm a member of one of those credit protection services, so in addition to the "rejection" letter from Target (due to lack of proper background info) and a shiny new Kay gold card, I also got notices from Experian & Equifax that these jokers were up to no good.

Fear not loyal Troutrageous! followers, the credit bureaus have been notified and it doesn't appear that any of my real bank accounts or credit cards were hacked...just new lines of credit trying to be opened. And hey, identity thieves...I've gotta secret for HERE and I'll tell ya.

On to more palatable news, I didn't get out fishing this weekend (we had like 150,000 mph winds on Saturday), but I was able to catch up on some blog reading, as well as hit…

Guest Post - Spurky on Lake Ontario & Redline Sport Charters

Spurky seems to enjoy writing these guest posts.  I may have created a monster.  They keep piling up in my Facebook inbox.  So I guess I'll let him back.  In this installment, he gives some tips on maximizing a trip to Lake Ontario.
17 times over last 25 years, I have gone fishing out on Lake Ontario.  I prefer Lake Ontario better than Lake Erie for a few reasons - the locals are friendlier, it's easier to get to, and I've never had a bad time there.  I drive 6 miles to I-81 North, and stay on it for 4.5 hours, turn left at Exit 36 Pulaski, and drive until the road ends at Walla, Port Ontario.  The majority of the trip on I-81 is through the countryside with great scenery.For 15 years, I went with the same guide, but during a hiatus when Samantha was young he retired.  2007 was my first trip back up in years, this time with Samantha, going after browns.  We had a fine trip, with a surprise steelhead for Sammy.In 2009 we went back up together.  Samantha loves the beach, so w…

Not So Subliminal Message

I did.  You should too.

You Snooze You Lose

Kinda pissed.  Was planning on updating my social "chicklets" last weekend.  You know those static Facebook and Twitter tags over there on the left hand side of my page that don't move when you scroll down.  They're kinda bland in their current form.  (Clif knows this has been on my mind for a while, as I've been openly lusting over his chicklets - mind out of the gutter, please - for some time)  I downloaded new and better graphics and everything last Saturday, but never got around to installing.

Went to Trout Underground today for the first time in a while, and I saw TC's got virtually the same thing I was planning on putting up on his blog now, except on the right hand side.  Not sure when his went up, but now I'm gonna just look like some sort of jabroni poser.  But I guess nobody reads his blog anyway, so it won't be that bad, right?

Speaking of jabronis, anybody see "The Rock" is back?  Might have to start watching wrestling again.  If…

Pro Angler In Town

Got this email from Texas Roadhouse (you know steaks, buckets of peanuts, & Willie Nelson), that noted professional angler Mike DelVisco was going to be in town this Thursday (February 17th) for a night of fishing themed fun.

Since it's not everyday two of my favorite things directly intersect - fishing & eating - it seems like a fun way to spend a night.  Now I just need to convince the wife to go.  Plus there's fishing stuff giveaways, which always ups the ante.

Guest Post - Spurky on Blue Mountain Outfitters

Spurky is back with another guest post.  This time he professes love for Blue Mountain Outfitters, a canoe & kayak retailer just outside of Harrisburg, PA.

BMO is a outstanding full service paddle sports store, well actually train the business is located in the old train station in Marysville, PA. If ya like paddling and trains thats your place, especially considering one set of train tracks is 3 feet from building!!!They carry every conceivable item you would need for paddling, kayak, canoes, etc... The whole staff is well versed in the business and are super friendly, non pushy types! Hard to find now a days.

They carry both new and used equipment, so finding something in your budget should not be too hard. Float trips can also be scheduled with the staff, and rentals are available.

So if ya get the time check them out, and enjoy the wide open showrooms & good company. You will not regret it!
On that note, I thank Spurky for another guest post and once again pic…

News & Notes - Don't Call It Nibbles

No matter what you read below, I'm still on hiatus.

That said, it's 11:30 PM on Saturday night and I just closed the book on work stuff for the night.  Wanted to stretch my legs and write some fishing related randomness.

First off, I got a little care package in the mail this week.  Actually, not so much a care package, but the result of a fly swap held over at the Tenkara-Fisher forum.  I have to say, all of the ties are awesome (Karel over at Tenkara On The Fly is planning on "blogging" the swap, so I won't steal his thunder), but one struck me as very interesting and unusual.  There was a fly tied on a barbless hook with a wavy point like the one pictured below.

The squiggle serves as kind of a barb without actually having one.  Being a relative noob to fly-tying, I've never used a hook like this...has anyone else?  I might pick some up and give them a try.

In other news, I spent much of today cruising blogs in my blogroll, leaving lots of comments in my …

Enjoy Your Vacation

You probably dropped in expecting to read Wednesday Nibbles today.  Ain't gonna happen.  Rather, I'm going to use this forum to announce a self-imposed hiatus from blogging.  Note I said hiatus, not retirement.

Without totally spilling the beans on what goes on at my day job (mystery always makes things sound more exciting than they actually are), it revolves around sports.  Two of said sports are holding very, very large events this month - requiring much more time at night doing work stuff on the computer rather than blogging.  I've tried to balance the two the last week or so but haven't been pleased with the results (or lack of sleep).

So for maybe the next few weeks you can expect a random post here or there, but not the daily content I usually uncontrollably spew like projectile vomit.  Rather, I'll take what time I do have to check out and comment on your blogs.  To keep relevant, you may even find some posts on the OBN Forum or the Troutrageous! Facebook or…

Gear Review - Streamside Leaders Mystic Creek Tenkara Line

I had recently ordered a Mystic Creek tenkara line from Streamside Leaders for my 11' Tenkara USA Iwana tenkara rod.  I was able to spend quite a bit of time with it yesterday and here are my two cents.

The Mystic Creek tenkara line is slightly different in composition than the Monofilament tenkara line I reviewed in September.  While the monofilament line is simply furled strands of monofilament (duh), the Mystic Creek line is mainly furled polyester thread with a short section of furled mono near the tippet ring.  I purchased a 10.5' "Green Hopper" Mystic Creek tenkara line for this review.

The Mystic Creek line is much more supple than the mono version.  You notice this immediately after opening the package.  Once put into action, it casts very, very softly, and it will drop your fly like a feather on the water.

Another benefit I immediately noticed (due to some inaccurate casting due to user error) was that this line does not collapse into …

Humbled by the Skunk

Ok, let's try this Android Blogger app...

I rolled out of bed this morning excited with the prospects of finally going fishing.  I hadn't been out since New Year's Day, so by my standards, I was well overdue.  Today's temperatures were to be in the low 40s; tropical when compared to the last month or so.

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, the fishing was unremarkable.  I just wasn't in a groove from the start, losing two flies in probably my first ten casts.  I ended up in way more trees and snagged in more rocks than normal, and sadly, left too many soldiers behind.

Two positives, I got to use two pieces of new equipment extensively - the Freshwater Fly mini fly clip and the Streamside Leaders Mystic Creek tenkara line.  The clip performed flawlessly and is one sweet little item.  The line...well more on that in its own review post tomorrow.

In the end, it was great just to be out, fish or no fish.  Today's skunking...just water under the brid…


It's late, I'm tired, and have nothing. So video filler time...

The take is at about 1:20 and the landing starts at about 4:00 should you want to skip ahead.
I'm not claiming the fight's awesome, but it's a nice chunky rainbow at the end of the line.

FISKERESOR.NU. I just like typing that. I think it's a guide service of some sort, but I'm not sure.  Swedish words are so funny.

Items of Note

Some things popped up in the last 24 hours that I think are sort of newsworthy.  So this post is kinda like Wednesday Nibbles, just no stupid videos.

Blogger App for Android
Blogger Buzz announced yesterday the official Blogger App for Android smartphones.  Since I got my Android phone a few months back, I've tried a few "unofficial" Blogger apps, but to be honest have found them to be pretty clunky and lacking the features I was accustomed to. This one is really much better, a much truer Blogger experience.  Worth the free download if you have an Android phone and are on the Blogger platform. You never know when inspiration might strike.

Cabela's Hardcover Catalog
They're evidently starting to make the rounds.  This is the first time I've received one, so I guess Cabela's is finally recognizing all of that gift card money I spend with them.  I assume that's how you get one of these as opposed to the standard softcover.  I just it too nice t…

A Guest Post? The YakDaddy Slider

Today brings something new to Troutrageous!  A guest post of sorts, from a fisherfriend I met on the forum and have had the pleasure of sharing some time on the water with.

Jim, aka "Spurky" is one heck of a multi-species angler...not to mention the dude speaks whatever language trout when he recommends something I listen.  He sent me a message on Facebook the other night asking me to write a post about a product he's fond of...

"...this product I just got from YakDaddy and it is an awesome set up for sit on top kayaks. Holds a lot, real convenient, and is well designed and put together. Would you post it on your T1 blog?"
Liking the idea, but not owning a kayak myself (so no context), I asked him to elaborate a bit and said I'd happily post it here. One less post I actually have to write myself, you know? So here's a guest product review, a la Spurky.

"The Slider is a fishing system for use on sit on top kayaks. Basically it…

Wednesday Nibbles - Monkeys Run Amok Edition

This winter has been brutal.  Seems like every 3 or 4 days we get hit with snow, and lucky for me the ice storms are evidently coming this week.  Now it's not enough snow to cripple the region (despite what the weathermen say), but enough to make all the shoveling a pain, create stupid slow traffic jams, and make fishing opportunities few and far between.  At least some humor can be found in the local weather big board....

On that note, time for the nibbles...

Got this email from Bass Pro yesterday.  Looks like they did an off-price buy on some of last year's Pflueger Supreme XT spinning reels.  Originally $129.99, now $69.88.  Gotta make room for the 2011s I guess.  I've never used this reel so I can't say if it's good or bad (it did get a 4.4/5.0 customer rating), but seems like a good deal, at least from a savings standpoint.

Now I treated you all to a stupid video yesterday, but here's an equally stupid video that I assume will entertain and amaze and all t…