January 19, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - "Yeah, I Got A Sharpie" Edition

This week's edition of the nibbles are getting tossed together in about 10 minutes...so bear with me.  No, I really mean it, bear with me.

Another animal backpack...amazing....

Got a couple of "cause" type messages in the old email inbox this week.  The first was from Bill McWha (if there was ever a man more passionate about the plight of shad & herring, I've never met him).  He sent an email asking everyone to "PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND TELL THE NEW ENGLAND FISHERIES MANAGEMENT COUNCIL TO PROTECT OUR BLUEBACK AND ALEWIFE HERRING". You can do that here if you so choose. I did.
Bill lays it down.

Also got an email from Martin Seldon about last September's Wild Trout Symposium X.  Evidently all the goodness that came out of that summit will be posted on their website in the upcoming weeks.  Worth a peek once all is updated.  I mean who doesn't like songs about wild trout?

Here's the stoopid video of the week.  I know you guys really like these more than the other stuff I post.  This one has made the rounds, but in case you haven't seen it...it's an age old formula for comedy...a girl...texting...while walking.  She takes one too many steps and hilarity ensues.  Some people should be required to wear safety helmets 24-7.

The next little fishing note is a commercial for The Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sport Show in Oaks, PA, February 17-20. 

I'll let you in on a secret.  On one of the days (don't want to give away which specific day yet), I'll be there working the booth for my trout club, the Stony Creek Anglers.  (Check out the SCA website here, or new Facebook page here).  Yup, you can not only meet me, I'll actually let you shake my hand.  Ask nicely and I'll even sign your wife or girlfriend's chest too.  For free.  How's that for being a man of the people?

Makes a great belated Valentine's Day gift

Did any of you guys watch the Golden Globes the other night?  Nah, I didn't either.  Evidently Ricky Gervais was the host and made a whole bunch of questionable jokes (especially the last one) and won't be invited back next year.  Seriously? What did they expect when they hired this guy?  What exactly are the Golden Globes anyway?

Kinda reminds me of how NBC torpedoed Conan after an all too brief stint as Tonight Show host.  Maybe Jay Leno will be the Golden Globes host next year.  Then Ricky Gervais can do the real awards, the Academy Awards.  Leno would definitely improve the 90+ year old demographic...no offense all you old coots out there.

Finally some blog love.  Actually, this is going to be a bit of a cop out because I want to send out some blog love to all of you - see, I've been so busy this week with stuff going on at work and at home I haven't been doing much blog reading.  I'm in dire need of catching up on all the goodness going on out there.

That said, wanted to give a shout to blogbuddies Stephanie (& slient partner Dustin) at Antlers & Gills, for being named one of the OBN Bloggers of the Week.  Congrats!

S&D don't mess around when it comes to fish tanks!


  1. Since my wife refuses to cooperate and my girlfriend is shy, will you sign my chest Mike? Just askin'.

  2. NICE FISHTANK!!! C'mon boys... I would prefer a backback that was a little bit smaller! :)

  3. I got a funny email about this post, but I dare not tell you about it. just know that it is a big hit! ;) lol

  4. UGH...you know I meant backpack...I DEFINITELY need more sleep! Mike, how do you come up with this stuff week after week?!!!

  5. What I should have said:

    "I see you've already signed my wife's chest."

    Why does the witty stuff always come after I've already commented? I should learn to let things soak a while before chiming in.

  6. I assume you will also be signing fisherman's rods?

  7. Clif, there is some word for that, but I can't remember what it is. It's when you think of a great comeback, but the moment is gone. I wish I could remember. The word for that is middle-aged. :) LOL

  8. Hi this comment is a little late but I grew up in the area of PA you write about and Roadside America is nuts, but having moved around the past 4 years and not visiting the place for the past 10 it's nice to know they haven't changed. Thanks for the great posts.

  9. The CSU campus is hazardous because of all the text walkers. I've almost been taken out a few times, only to step away from them in the last minute. Class has been in session just two days. My patience is already getting a little thin and the the next one might a little forearm shove. :)

    Thanks for the blog love! I've been a bad blog buddy the last two weeks. Moving and starting school really lessens my goof off time.