January 5, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Is A Name Change Necessary?

It's Wednesday, which means it time to spill some Wednesday Nibbles all over the place.  However, before I start this week's installment, I was recently taken aback by a search I did on Twitter.

I innocently typed in "Wednesday Nibbles" in their search box, you know, fully expecting to find a list of my tweets...  Instead I found a sex news site that uses the same moniker for its Wednesday posts.  (Warning: that link probably isn't safe for work)  While there were no pictures of Rex Ryan's wife's nether region (her feet for you not in the know), there was a ton of fetishy-type content.  After intensely studying this site for about 3 or 4 hours, I wondered to myself if I should change the title of my posts to avoid confusion...but then I said, nah, and decided to take this opportunity to welcome any accidental strangers to Troutrageous! with open arms.  At minimum, it should at least spice up the comments section...

That bit of business out of the way, time for the nibbles...

Got an email yesterday from Hardy North America.  They were ecstatic that their Zenith rod placed #1 (out of 14) in George Anderson's Yellowstone 5-Weight Rod Shootout.

Sorry Thomas & Thomas...

Congrats to Hardy for making a great rod!  That said, I was really impressed that the R.L. Winston Passport came in 6th (and one of the judges actually rated it 4th).  Most of the rods in the contest were $500+ sticks, the Passport is only $200 and far outscored the other "budget" models in the test making it definitely a rod to check out in 2011.

By the way, the email also noted that Hardy North America is located in Lancaster, PA, which is about an hour drive from my house...so...ummm...guys at Hardy, I kinda noticed your North American arm really has a snoozer of a blog, and no Facebook or Twitter presence...so if you're looking for a "Social Media Expert" to come in and rock your world, you know where to find me.  Seriously.  But be warned, I don't come cheap, Lilly has expensive tastes.

Destination - Five Below!

Okay, this is pretty nuts, but did you hear about all of the birds falling out of the sky recently?  First over Arkansas and then in Louisiana.  WTF?  One can't help but wonder if this is related to the falling brown trout epidemic of Northern California?  The next thing you know bears are going to start plunging from above or something...

I'm not sure how I got on this email list, but did anybody else get the email from J:son&Co, some uber realistic fly tying entity outta Sweden?  Well I did, and to be honest the use of a colon in lieu of I assume a letter "a" creeped me out just a little bit.  I guess it's not that strange to them, I mean look at how IKEA names their stuff.

My keyboard doesn't make umlauts.

In any event, the dude is all about tying crazy real looking flies and I guess selling some "system" that allows you to do the same.  Like I said, I'm a tad frazzled, but if you want to learn more, you can at their website, Facebook, or Twitter pages, found here, here, and here.

I can't take the credit for this next nibble.  Clif, the quietly deviant mastermind behind Lunker Hunt took a few seconds away from reading those other Wednesday Nibbles to send this over to me, and if this isn't a Godsend for all of us bloggers that struggle daily with multi-tasking, I'm not sure what is.  Wearing this with one these while sitting on one of these would just be...legen.....wait for it.....dary!


In closing, this is usually the spot where I throw out some blog love to somebody in my blogroll.  This week's victim recipient comes from the salty side of fishing - Mike from Epic Blitz - and features some killer pics, videos, and all that good stuff we all tend to like (or at least tolerate).


I also guarantee he'll have no idea I even posted this until you all go flash mob his killer blog with comments.  So...ready..set...get going...now!


  1. I'll take two of those sammich holders, please...but only if they also come with a thing to hold a Stewart's Key Lime soda. No Key Lime Soda holder, no deal!

    nice nibbles, you perv. ;) LOL

  2. I seriously love Wednesday nibblets. it brings out the real Michael. Just great. BTW, I love to see bears playing on trampolines.

  3. I'm with Mr. Jones on those sandwich holders, it'd make life so much easier if I had my other hand free instead of always feeding my face.. Haha.. Not sure about that Key Lime soda though, I'm more of a Dr. Pepper man myself..

  4. Quietly deviant huh?

    That thing, a beer hat and a toilet seat computer chair would make for some great "powdering."

  5. BTW...You will have to include the sammiches for OWL on that order! Maybe a pastrami & swiss. He's too busy tyin' flies in his man-cave to even take a hoot of a break...

  6. you won't believe this. but, i know the guy whose idea it was to use the trampoline in the tranquilized bear video.

  7. do you want the second hand story?

  8. Perhaps your best Wednesday Nibbles yet. Truly shocking that pornography (or erotica as they call it) was more popular in a search than your fishing and humor related content. Best of luck with Hardy... you never know.

  9. Ok Mike, enough of the tiny nibbles! I didn't sign on as a follower over there. I would never have enough time to read your great blog.

    And, after watching the bear and the trampoline. Well, let's just say that is the way we do out west here. I have to admit my face hurt after watching the bear bite the ground head first!

    And, somehow I could just see Owl using that ham sammich holder while tying some flies. He would probable end up with some ham and lettuce mixed up in his dubbing on a few patterns!

  10. Brown trout falling from the sky in Northern California? I've heard of frogs, but God forbid, the bears? I'm never going outside again. Just kidding. Loved the post.


  11. Ivan, please post the rest of the story. It's gotta be good. My nose started to bleed when he hit the ground.

    Michael, don't you dare change your fantastic name...changing knickers is ok, but not the name.

  12. I'm too busy looking at the porn you linked to, to leave a comment.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  13. @Owl - Like the sound of Key Lime Soda...never tried it.

    @Cofisher - Thanks man, me too.

    @Justin - Dr. Pepper? We are kindred spirits.

    @Rick - And it shall be.

    @Clif - yeah, your not that quiet.

    @TRD - I refuse to support Owl's dysfunctions...unless it results in another video post outta him.

    @Ivan - Yes. Spill the beans.

    @Jay - Tell me about it. Who looks at those sites anyway...

    @Mel - Sorry for subjecting you to internet porn. I take you for a "stack of mags under the bed" guy anyway.

    @Shoreman - Thanks. I don't think they make umbrellas big enough for this carnage!

    @Ryan - Oh...@Jay, found one!

  14. WARNING: this is going to be long.
    here it is: I met this guy while helping out with an osprey project out here in missoula. he owns a roofing company and has lived out here since the 70s.

    Somehow, a black bear wandered into a residential section of missoula, south of downtown, I think it was 7th St. It ended up stranded up in a tree. The police and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) was called to remove the bear from the tree. The tree was on my friend's (the roofer) neighbor's property. My friend expressed that he has held and still holds a deep seeded hatred for the FWP. Not for the FWP itself, but for it's officers because they tend to abuse power and act as though they are actual police officers. So, when the FWP officers showed up, my friend decided to "help" out. As my friend tells it, the FWP was going to tranquilize the bear and let it fall from the tree without any padding or cushion. Thinking outside the box, my friend proposed they grab another neighbor's trampoline and set it up beneath the bear. The FWP thought it over and decided, why not. The rest is history. He was pleased with the results because it made the FWP look sort of foolish and it also helped the bear as it's actual fall to the ground was much shorter in the vertical direction.

    There it was. I apologize if the story was a little long. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did when he first told me the story.