January 12, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Insert Polish Joke Here

Time for this week's installment of the Wednesday Nibbles.  I have to be honest with you all, I've been so out of touch when it comes to fishing recently...it was tough to write the fishing portions of this week's post.  Excuse their weakness.  That said...

Anybody here ever partake in fly swaps?  I'm in for my first one over at Tenkara-Fisher.net and I'm pretty excited to see these other folks' handiwork.  I'm sending over my Tina Louise Kebari fly...might even post a few examples here.  Anyway, since these had to ship to the organizer in an empty Altoids tin, I'm pleased to announce that the one positive side-effect from mass Altoid consumption is curiously fresh breath for probably the next year and a half.  Well...for the negative side effect...
What?...It's cold outside...

Side Note:  Anybody wanna do a Troutrageous! fly swap?  If so, let me know in the comments...if enough people show interest I might just organize something.  Paging Brad Sprinkle!

So it's like snowing everywhere right?  Kinda novel and fun at first, but then it just gets old...quick.  We're supposed to get 8 more inches here tonight.  Yeah, fun.  Now us in the Northeast are somewhat accustomed to the snow, so it's not that big a deal, but from what I understand even folks down South are getting snow now...which sucks for them.  Do you guys even have snow plows down there?  Anyway, some advice to my Southern friends; don't be like this guy in Poland who tried to remove some icicles from a wire hanging off his house or something...(insert Polish joke here)...

Ok, fishing...riiiiight fishing.  This is usually where I insert another fishing type nibble.  Ah...forget about it.  Yeah, Tom Rosenbauer won some inconsequential little award or something, but nothing really jumped out at me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or even in the email inbox this week that Moldy Chum hasn't already covered.  So instead, I give you outgoing PA Governor/Philadelphia Eagles Post Game Analyst Ed Rendell going apeshit on a very deserving Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes...

BTW, I have serious manlove for this guy.  I always said that under his reign as Mayor of Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania should have seceded from the rest of the state, staged a hostile takeover of South Jersey and Delaware and renamed this new 51st state "Rendellphia." Look for him to have his own show on CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC very, very soon...

Speaking of crazy...animals are evidently going crazy too yo.  Must be global warming or something.  First there's the orange alligator in Florida...
Orange Gator - Rich in Vitamin C!

Then this sheep hitching a ride on the back of a motorcycle in Cuba.  Either that or Jansport's really making some sick looking backpacks these days...

And of course not to be outdone, not only do the Germans love David Hasselhoff, they evidently love cross-eyed opossums too.  How much do the Germans love this stupid rodent (or I guess marsupial) well it's got over 65,000 friends on Facebook...WTF?
Enjoy the limelight roadkill.

The last segment of the nibbles always goes out to spreading some blog love.  First, a commercial for a giveaway over at FFSBR.  Write a blog post, win a fly rod building kit.  Pretty cool, pretty simple.  I'm not really telling you to enter or giving specific details, because if you do enter, it will clearly reduce my odds of winning.  I'll likely enter, but over at Troutrageous' alter-ego.  It's starving, no make that dying for some original content.  But enough about Owl's contest, he's as overexposed these days as Betty White.

Instead, I'm going to give a shout to Rick at Rick's Reel Adventures.  
Holy Tiger Trout Batman!

Rick's blog isn't new, in fact, he's been on my blogroll for a year or so now, but I've never seen anyone consistently get after legitimately big trout like this guy.  He also was the winner of the 2010 Utah Troutslam, so you know I'm not making this up.  He's only got like 17 Google followers as of writing this (but 55 NetworkedBlogs followers), so please go over and rectify that situation.  But be forewarned...there's also an embedded music player that pumps out country music...so if that jibber-jabber makes your ears bleed like it does for me, hit the mute button upon entry.


  1. ed rendell is what being a human is all about. but, the nation of wusses may not know that.

    i can only speak to his skills as a mayor, as I havent lived in the area for his governorship. he was a top-notch mayor and I loved the fact that I could watch the mayor talk good football on CSN after iggles games.

    thanks for putting us onto Rick's Reel Adventures. The colors on those tiger trout and splakes are absolutely nuts.

  2. good nibbles today Mike!

    Do You know how to help a one arm polish dude out of a tree?

    All you Tenkara guys should totally swap and see what happens.

  3. Michael
    This post today really got me going, something for everyone. Enjoyed!!

  4. A Troutrageous! fly swap? Definitely count me in. Just let me know what you need and when. With all this friggin snow I can't go fishing, so I have the time.

  5. "My wife's trying to kill me!"
    "How do you know?"
    "I found a can of Polish Remover in her drawer"

  6. This entry. Anything BUT weak. :)

    That orange gator looks like he's been rolling around in some Ga red clay. Or Florida red clay. whatever. ;)

    PS - who is Ted Rosenburger? I guess I need to get with the program or something. maybe.

  7. T1,
    I would be in for a fly swap!
    The Gentle Shepherd

  8. easy on the polish jokes pal! My last name is 23423432 letters, begins with V, and ends with Y!

    Funny you mention fly swap. I'm in my first swap right now on the PAflyfish forum. It's a midge swap so it's kinda boring, but I'd definitely be interested in another swap.

  9. Thanks for the plug! Next time you visit, your ears won't bleed ;) haha. My wife told me to get rid of it awhile ago. I guess she was right...(just don't tell her I said that).