January 25, 2011

Stu's, Where Fishing is Fun

Quickie post out of me today.  See, I typically write these posts the night before you read them (at least you on the East Coast), and work got in the way last night.

It's performance appraisal time at the old j-o-b.  Actually had to write my self-evaluation, which is always a good time.  Finding the balance between coming off like an arrogant prick that's full of himself when you try to point out all of the good stuff you did over the course of the prior year can be a little bit of a challenge.  Anyway...

I just wanted to tip the cap to Stu's (Orgasmic) Fly Shop in Athol, New Zealand.  I make reference to Stu's now and then in the Wednesday Nibbles, but if you aren't subscribed to his lighthearted newsletter, you should consider it (you can do it here).  It is definitely one of the more enjoyable reads each month as it keeps you up to date on new product introductions, like this Fish Life rain jacket,
Only NZ$199

but also deals you in on some of the shop-related hijinks going on down there.  For example, they've been getting a lot of rain in NZ, which was presents opportunities like this:
"Due to the rain my car park flooded and to the amusement of drivers by and my neighbours . Myself and some customers trying out rods made good use of my new casting ponds. One of my customers was sure he saw a nice brown tailing early morning in the shallows looking for worms amongst the gravel! But I'm not sure if he had taken his tablets that morning!"

So while you should always support your local fly shop (if you've got one and they're good folks), I suggest checking out Stu's every now and then as well.  The exchange rate isn't terrible and you can get some cool stuff you might not otherwise find in the States...like his "Superior" flies.



    kidding. mine are merely super.

    thanks for the heads up. i'm going to run right over there and pester them, and tell them you said it was OK for me to do so. :)

    Hey, btw - have you heard any more about that..oh nevermind....

  2. PS - his videos page is SICK! Unreal the size of those fish. " Did that guy just jump in the river after the hook set?" "yes. he. did." wow.
    thanks for sharing this one again, man. good stuff.

  3. When it comes to self evaluations here is my strategy:

    "I am the best in every category. If you, my boss with whom I have developed a personal relationship, have any reason to disagree with my outstanding self evaluation...i encourage you to adjust the rating down."

    No body reads those things after a month. It's all about the money right now, so make yourself sound like a platinum plated turd.

  4. @Owl - You ain't kidding, the fishing in NZ is nuts.

    @Clif - You mind if I copy and paste that?

  5. Yesterday, one of classes had a guest speaker...he fishes NZ several times a year. Lucky old man. NZ is really high on my bucket list.

    Speaking of Stu's, heeding your advice I jumped on the bandwagon a few months ago. You are right, the newsletters are a great read!

    Good luck on that self-eval. Hope you get a raise.