January 6, 2011

Somebody Has A Sense of Humor...

I love getting packages in the mail.  I think that's why I buy so much stuff online.  When I came home last night from work, I was greeted with two packages.  One I ordered...the other I didn't.

The first was a bubble envelope with a big smiley logo on it.  If you order stuff online, you've probably bought from this e-tailer.  Anyway, there were two things inside.  One for Lilly & one for me...or let's be honest, one for me and one I might "share" with Lilly if she's good.

Just Dance - WOOT!!!!

Just a note about the tenkara book.  I've only paged through it briefly, but it looks like a pretty darn complete representation of this style of fishing - from the origins in Japan to how the gear works gear to the techniques, etc, etc... Plus it's only about 130 pages with largish type so it appears to be an easy read.  The kind of book you could finish in a day, or a weekend. 

I noticed in reviewing some of the New Year's resolutions from many bloggers, several of you expressed an interest in picking up a tenkara rod for the first time in 2011.  You'd probably do well to pick up this book as well...available from...well you know...that smiley logoed e-tailer.

Now the second package came from Tenkara USA, but I didn't order it.  Ooh, a mystery.  When I opened it, I found this inside & could only laugh.

Don't get the humor?  Click HERE

Well played Daniel, (& thanks)!


  1. Oh, I get it now! That's right I remember now. You enjoy Tenkara fishing and the like.

    I was sure the Wii game must have been yours. Taking up dancing now at your age? Shake it up, Mike!

  2. My Tenkara book came last night as well. I finished the first 1/2 last night and will probably finish it at lunch today. Pretty good book so far. I wish it had been available in 2009 before I bought my first tenkara rod. It would have saved me a lot of time on the net.

  3. I'd love..to..post..but...got to...get to...blog fast.


    /rushes back to his own blog to post about how strange and puzzling it is that Daniel carries Iwana 13 footer rods, too...


  4. Blog about it and you shall receive. How sweet, you very own Tenkara tea. Ha!


  5. mike, just dance for kids isn't JUST for kids

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the book Mike...and good luck with the game, LOL

  7. @Mel - Lots of shaking going on!

    @Kiwi - The book is reading pretty well, about half way done at this point.

    @Owl - My next blog is going to be about what they should keep in Fort Knox besides gold bars.

    @S&D - Can you imagine if I actually asked...

    @Travis - No it is not.

    @Dennis - If you pick it up, I think you'll find it quite informative.