January 29, 2011

A Simple Question

What are "Designer Waders"?

The reason why I ask is when I look at incoming traffic for this blog from search engines, one of the top searched keywords is designer waders.  It's actually one of the reasons why that silly Jay-Z & Beyonce post I wrote last year is my #1 most viewed post...ever.

Having a pic of Beyonce in a bikini probably doesn't hurt either.

So again I ask, what are designer waders, and why are people searching for them?

Did I miss a Simms-sponsored episode of Project Runway?
Not even done in Photoshop...we're talkin' Microsoft Paint beeyatches!

Is Versace on a neoprene binge?
Don't they know felt is no longer fashionable?

Not that I mind of course, I dominate the #1 spot for that term on Google search...

But in the end, I'm still kinda confused.  Help me out peeps.

What are designer waders & why are people searching for them?


  1. Good question! I think my waders are non-designer!

  2. When I went to buy new waders the gentleman at the store showed me the Reddington Chena Waders. Sarah Palin wore them in her show, and since then they have surged in popularity. The man even said, these are fashionable waders. They fit a woman's body better and even have a belt with a pattern. Oh la la. I went the unfashionable route, however. Perhaps these are the designer waders??

  3. Someone blogged about these waders, but I can't remember who it was. I thought The Fisherbabe did, but I looked and it wasn't her. They were in a fashion show though I do know that!

  4. I don't have any waders AS OF YET but, I can say one thing that when I do they ain't going to be designer.

    Beyonce maybe very nice looking but so is a Brown Trout.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  5. A simple answer to a simple question.

    DI-zin-d, DI-zin-er
    designed by and bearing the label or signature of a well-known fashion designer. Having an appearance of fashionable trendiness.

    wanna buy a designer fly-patch?

  6. If I spent more than $60-70 on waders it would be because I thought they would last longer before leaking. So maybe that's the definition.

    But I'm not normally featured on TMZ, so maybe my view is skewed.

  7. This is just a guess, but I'm betting that the shrunken waders that Owl wears are designer...unfortunately they weren't designed for him.

  8. count me in on these designer waders if they are bedazzled.

  9. Rated 4 stars?...ahh sans the lecture......I bumped it up a half star w/my vote

  10. I was just about to post something similar. I got a hit from a google search by someone looking for "45 minutes of midget porn", except they typed "midges". hahaha

    ps Mr. Troutrageous, I was out on your home turf today. Had to hit KOP mall so I scoped out Valley Creek. I stopped and checked out right under the covered bridge but I didnt have time to fish. Is that a good spot? It looks like nice water.

  11. Somehow I think this post is going to bump your search engine traffic once again. ;)