January 22, 2011

Richard. Dean. Anderson.

I was going to write this flowingly eloquent post about ingenuity.

I was going to write about the various contraptions I've "MacGyver-ed" over the years.

I was going to write about some of the project-hacks around the house - the front door knob crafted from two different knob kits, the bathroom fan motor transplant, or even the IKEA particle board fiasco.

I was also going to relate it back to fishing and prior examples I've documented here such as the magnetic fly box or the infamous DIY hat cam.

Bolt + Nut + Washer = Hat Cam.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...

I was then going to ask you guys to give me some of your best examples of outdoors (fishing & hunting) "MacGyver-ing" in the comments section below.

But I decided not to; but only because nobody "MacGyvers" like the real thing.
I have video proof.

Rock on RDR. Rock on.


  1. The blogger gremlin struck again.

    After months of procurement activities, I have all the hardware to make my hat cam. Now, just waiting for the motivation to appear.

  2. I'm not much for creating things with my hands, but I did once make a fly rod out of a sycamore stick. It didn't work. Not at all. :)

    I need to take a harder look at that camera hat thing. thanks for the link to that.

  3. All I know is this hat cam better be water proof. My lid winds up in the river on a fairly regular basis....

  4. Mike, congratulations, I think you Macgyver'ed this post!