January 3, 2011

A Rare 2nd Post of the Day

I usually don't write two posts in a day...but today...well I was greeted with the news that I'm one of the Outdoor Blogger Network's "Featured Bloggers of the Week."  A very cool honor.
Lookin' handsome, as always...

Being one of the first handful of bloggers that signed up for the OBN, the only thing I have to say is...WHAT TOOK SO DAMN LONG?!?  Joe, have you not been appreciating the envelopes stuffed with $100s I've been mailing to Illinois?  Rebecca, were you not impressed with those Brett Favre inspired pics I've been texting to you?  Geeze...didn't even get any advanced warning...I found out from Kari from "I Don't Wear Pink Camo to the Woods" on Twitter.  But I digress...

Seriously, thanks for the honor guys, I'll do my best not to embarrass you too much with my posts this week.

That said, to those of you that might be stopping by Troutrageous! for the first time, (there's probably at least 3 of you) don't be scared off by all the obscure Japanese tenkara ramblings.  This blog isn't just about tenkara, nor is it even just about fly fishing, it's more a hodgepodge of of a lot of different stuff.

The posts I most enjoy writing are the "Wednesday Nibbles" & those about my almost 5 year old daughter Lilly.  Wednesday Nibbles are basically a mosh pit of fishing, pop-culture, and who knows what else, while Lilly posts serve the function of taking the cuteness factor of this blog up a notch.  Click here or here to see the past few installments of each.

If you'd like to catch up on some of my more popular posts, there's a little widget over on the right sidebar that lists the Top 10.  I'm not sure how the minds (or machines) over at Google conspired to decided those are the Top 10, but it works for me.  I might also suggest clicking here to check out my fishing reports, but to be honest, I'm a pretty unremarkable fisherman, (and similar to Rebecca), you'll just be let down by my shortcomings.

Last but not least, there's an oh so trendy social networking aspect of Troutrageous! too...click here to "Like" on Facebook, or here to follow on Twitter.


  1. Hey! Where are my Brett Favre inspired photos??? The least you could do is hold a trout over your.... Oh, nevermind!

    Congrats! You always are a good read :)

  2. Well deserved. Yours is one of the blogs I always check up on first. I agree with Rebecca, definitely not a waste of time, though my boss might disagree on Wednesdays.

  3. Congrats Mike (you $@!*&) I was happy to see one of my favorite bloggers get this honor.(pretty? Pretty? You look like my dog as he walks away from me.)We expect continued great thing from you. (Ha, fat chance!)

    My best to you Mike (stuff it!)

  4. Hey, hey, hey now! Congrats man! I made sure anyone stopping by my place knows they darn well better come over here and check Troutrageous! out. For those of you just wandering in from OBN, Mike here is a class act and one of the very first - maybe the first - to graciously link to my blog. I'm sure he's boosted the readership of many other blogs, too by linking them to Troutrageous! which is undoubtedly in the top 5 blogs on the internet that also feature his daughter Lilly. Who, by the way, doesn't just up the "cuteness" factor by a few notches, but completely blows it out of the water. As a matter of fact, I hate to tell you this but Lilly is about the only cute thing here, dude. ;) lol
    Well, before this turns into enough blathering to be it's own blog post, I'll just say it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, even if it did "take so damned long." :)

    Congrats Mike! You deserve it, sir!

  5. You sure that they got the right Mike?

    Seriously, congrats on the well deserved and long overdue recognition. Keep the great stuff coming.

  6. Congrats Mike and I'm glad I got to tell ya!

  7. congrats mike. for whatever reason, I assumed this had already happened. better now, then not now i suppose.

    looking forward to more from the "idiot in charge"

  8. Throw another congrats on the pile for me. I have been reading your blog for well over a year and have been thoroughly entertained. I have even turned a few guys in my lab onto the Wed nibbles. Keep it up.

  9. Honestly, I don't know how I can get past all the "ramblings" and "blatherings" about Tenkara rods!!! But, somehow, I still enjoy your humor and wit.

  10. Well deserved young man! you're always a good read!

  11. We are, in the midst of greatness.


  12. In case some of your readers misinterpreted my smarta$$ comments above, congratulations Michael. I owe a lot to you and your sometimes interesting, sometimes humorous posts. I couldn't be happier for you because you do deserve it.

  13. Well, APPARENTLY the envelopes full of $100 bills weren't up to snuff, considering the BAGS full I received from the previous featured bloggers!!

    Well deserved "honor" (???) and I can't think of a better blogger to feature to start off the year.


  14. Thanks for the really nice comments everyone.

    @Nate - Dude...really?

    @TAFF - You should see how blogging affects my productivity at work...

    @Cofisher - Don't worry, I'm picking up what you're putting down.

    @Owl - I love you man!

    @Mike - They clearly have the wrong guy.

    @Shoreman - 7 words have never been more true.

    @Wolfy - Ok, at least you got them. I figured Clif from Lunker Hunt was intercepting them or something...

  15. Guess I am kind of late to the Congratulatory Party here, Mike. I know now why my blog doesn't get as many readers as I would like. They are all reading your "nibbles" and "Lilly's" and "Japanese Mumbo Jumbo".

    Seriously, thanks for being one of my longest term supporters in the blogging world. I thoroughly enjoy my Troutraegous time here.

  16. Anyone else think that mug shot on OBN was WAY too big? Jeeze, I was greeted in my RSS reader by a 30x40" picture of Mike.

    Congrats...but I know you're lying about the C-notes to Joe. I've been sending him $500 a week...and that ain't workin yet. Guess I should start generating some good content like you have here.

  17. Mel, just a guess - you're late to alot of parties. ;) PS - Mike says that hat makes your head look funny. Sorry Mike. Had to be done.

  18. Whoop! Whoop! I have been wondering when they would get around to featuring you! Troutrageous is my first read of the day!

  19. You and Clif have it all figured out - I'm just in it for the money!

  20. Mike that's rad you got blog of the week. I'm with Yukon figured it was a given that had already happened!!