January 30, 2011

Question Answered

Yesterday's post asked the question, what are designer waders, and why are people searching for them and ending up here?

Well, after some more search engine sleuthing, it's Prada's fault.  Actually has been since Spring 2009.

Nice hippers

Here's a link to an article about it, if you're really interested in learning more.

As for this post, consider it over.  I'm feeling less masculine for writing it already.  I need to go throw on some Wranglers & Carhartt and roll around in the mud or something...

I promise, no more pictures of women in waders unless they are wearing much less clothing.


  1. I might have to buy that calendar.

  2. Hi Mike. I doubt that those three on the top would get any where near the water with those "waders". Look more like thigh-high boots to me.


  3. You couldn't be more wrong! Did you see the girl on the left? She's got an awesome fly patch! I would keep my flies on a vest while drying but she appears to be using her whole head! Giant wool patch for the win!

  4. Hi Mike, would you make sure that Bill buys a calendar for me too! It has been a long winter in Idaho.

  5. @Bill
    Yeah, that stream looks gorgeous. What scenery!

  6. @Functioning
    That is one heck of a 'fro. Quite impressive. Would make excellent dubbing material.

  7. @Mel
    Will see what I can do Mel. I'm not sure if Bill is the sharing type.

  8. I was going to comment when I first saw the post, but the slobber shorted out my computer.